Sammie and Béa and …

MacPCGames… basically all Macianers in existence nowadays. Orca tells you that your Macs suck in Second Life, she does so repeatedly and since years and years. And do you believe her? Did you ever listened to her? No, eh. Because we all know that Orca is always more opinion than fact so why would anyone ever listen to that moo?

But what if you can watch a video, a very well researched and reasoned video that comes to the same conclusion as Orca did? Would you at least watch it and try to comprehend this video in its consequence?

NewCar»But Orca, you said my Mac sucks in SL. We’re fukn exploring the frontier of virtual reality! This video is about gaming. That’s a totally different genre of computing.«

Fuck, no! It isn’t. Just because SL ain’t a game doesn’t mean we’re not needing the same beefy gamer machines to get the best out of it. So if you wanna play SL to its full extent you always go for the beefy gaming PC, not the humble office worker.


And now stfu and watch the video! It’s an eye opener. Gameranx did a good job to discuss the topic without being too biased. In fact most of the time the vid is about Mac, not the PC:

massacreThat said, yes, I freely admit some of your machines are splendid pieces of industrial design and very well engineered and built to high quality standards. Still that won’t help me if I can’t upgrade those machines since all the fun stuff is soldered onto the mainboard and one needs to purchase a new computer after two years anyway. Matter of factly I can’t use any new Mac because even the most expensive Macs don’t have the graphics power to display SL in all its glory. They don’t have the needed horsepower right out of the sexy box.

So, people, just kick your fukn Macs to the curb and get a real computer. It pays!



  1. damn I forgot about that French bloke for a long time
    can’t argue with any point there Orcs apart from the fact they are so sexy well made high end just not upgrade able at home
    Apple don’t care I DO care and so does orcs and many others
    Apple need to listen Steve Jobs would have


    • Steve Jobs wouldn’t have.
      Sorry to say, Sammie, but Steve Jobs was the originator of Apple’s “We don’t listen to customers, we tell them what they want” policy.


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