Much Ado About Sansar.

And again our glorious leader Ebbe produced a lot of hot air, and after reading this article we’re still as ignorant as before:


Thx to Jo Yardley for giving us her honest opinion about what Ebbe told the ZDNet reporter. I only want to elaborate on one point Ebbe made:

“We’re very fortunate to have over a decade of experience regarding what people want to do when they immerse themselves in a digital world,” Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg said.  


  • Ebbe himself doesn’t have over a decade of experience, he’s much too fresh with LL to know shit.
  • But ok, LL as such should have over a decade of experience regarding what people want to do in SL. Sooo, why the fuck didn’t they ever act accordingly?

I guess you don’t need to be a resi in SL for very long to have figured out how lackluster LL is managing their own product. Let me just come up quickly with 2 of the most wanted attributes people really want to see in SL in order to spend even more time (and money) inworld: Lower tiers and less lag are on top of every wishlist since like forever. But instead of working on these most important goals, LL acts like they are deaf and blind. We know, everybody knows, and even Orca knows, that digital services and storage becomes cheaper and cheaper every year. Only LL aren’t able or are unwilling to relay these falling prices to their customers. And instead of making the grid bomb proof they are working on the latest – but ultimately inconsequential – shiny stuff. And now comes the cherry on top of LL’s ignorance: Sansar! That’s another project nobody was asking for, a thing we don’t have any use for in SL, a technology as far removed from SL as Mars is from Earth.

Fuck, Sansar isn’t even made for the same customer group as Second Life. But Ebbe thinks it’s a good idea to cannibalize SL for the benefit of Sansar. Because why? Because of his decade-long experience with listening to his customers? Because he knows what people want to do when they immerse in a  digital world?

Seriously, what a tool. 😦



  1. Excellent remarks, Orca. Once again LL is creating a product nobody has asked or even wished, but make us to pay the bill. Also, they even don’t give Linux users an option to be part of Sansar. They and their management culture won’t be missed. I hope the best for High Fidelity.

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    • Unfortunately I never cared to inform myself about High Fidelity, Timo. I guess there was something in the initial description when I first heard about it years ago, something that didn’t click with me. So I decided to ignore HiFi, because as we all know you can indeed ignore something away. Completely. Ignore it and it never happened. It’s a proven method. 🙂


  2. Thx for the reblog, Patricia; I’d already long forgotten about this article which was just an add-on to Jo Yardley’s much more in depth analysis. Lately I hear LL haven’t forgotten about Sansar tho. They opened it for another wave of testers or sumfink. But of course they do. And of course I said my piece about Sansar a couple of times in this very blog and am now like totally ignoring it.

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  3. I wish them much luck discovering a new customer base to replace those of us who can’t afford Occypus Grift, the expensive hand controllers which go with it, and the gaming PC we’ll need to support the new viewer and hardware.

    I hate to ask, but is there a business plan connected to Project Sansar? In tech writing school, we were taught, first thing, before embarking on a big new writing project, to perform a needs assessment.

    We’re their customers. No one’s asked us a damned thing. They’ve told us about “full meals” and “democratizing content creation,” – which probably means Sansar is partly about an automated mesh creation system (which makes sense – it’d allow LL to build in mesh and texture optimization, control lag at that end instead of jellying half the well-dressed dancers at a club out as we have to now, and still let these new creators who didn’t spend all their money on a licensed copy of Maya to feel empowered).

    I’ve paid into LL’s income stream for well over five years, ten bucks a month. And I haven’t contributed as much as those of us who’ve been able to afford tier on SL land all their Second Lives, who have made “the world’s largest user-created virtual world” a true statement, not an empty marketing slogan, and created places which have attracted the membership SL has at this time. I tried to, but tier’s so expensive that some of us have to make RL life choices we can’t make to afford even a quarter-sim to make our corner of “the world’s largest user-created virtual world”. So I can’t.

    I can’t afford to be a customer, paying or otherwise, of the Second Life which involves investing on Oculus Rift goggles and controllers and the new, fast PCs we’ll need to use all that and run whatever viewer they need for it. All that for a world of skyboxes and no virtual geography. No, thanks. For that sort of money, I could do amazing things in Inworldz.

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  4. The proper metaphor for the “cannibalizing Second Life to make Project Sansar” just occurred to me:
    giving the goose that lays the golden eggs a hysterectomy, attacking one of her goslings with a turkey baster full of Goddess knows what, and expecting something nice to happen.

    Seriously, they’ve decided to pay many of those who’ve made Second Life “the world’s largest user-created virtual world” not by making it easier, less expensive and more fun to create that content (which we’d love), but by saying –

    “Sorry, we’re moving on to a whole new paradigm full of mile-wide skyboxes. That’s your new geography. And, by the way, if you can’t afford an expensive new computer to run it on, sucks to be you!”

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  5. Excellent analysis in the last two comments, Patricia. As most of Orcablog readers are somehow connected to the SL Sailing Community a virtual world without a world, without geography, makes no sense. I don’t wanna live in an indoors world, I don’t wanna live in a world of sykboxes. I wanna use my boats, my airships, my planes, my cars and bikes. And I wanna use them not on some private racetracks but on public Linden routes!

    I wanna go places, not TP to places!

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