I Really Like The New Theme

Bildschirmfoto zu 2016-06-30 12-40-15

It’s nice and organized, looks dignified but modern and quietly stylish and represents this blog as something it strives to be but never was and never will be. LOL, doesn’t matter, this is the kind of layout I wish to have for my blog.

But oh my fukn gaaawd, it’s soooo laaaggy. 😮 So off I go again, digging deep in WordPress’ portfolio of magazine style themes … only problem being that I’ve already scraped the bottom of the barrel of available themes. At least in the Free section. 😦

That leaves me only one more option: Browsing the to-pay-for section for something really like really nice. Just asked hubby and he told me something about I gotta keep the new theme for at least a year if I wanna go the commercial route. Oh my. :/

Anyway, I’m off to WordPress’ shopping section. Laterz companeiros …


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