A Minor Earthquake …

… sends shockwaves through the Linux world as Mint is right now in the process of rolling out version 18 of their crowdpleasing Ubuntu-based No.1 superhit distro. I just visited the homepage but was still greeted by 17.3 as their main item. YouTuber Matthew Moore otoh found some servers that were already populated with the new repos …

Uh Oh, he seems to have run into some minor problems. Other reviewers also reported about bugs in Mint 18, prolly caused by Ubuntu’s fukup with the 16.04 release. Anyhoo, can’t do much wrong with Mint, it’s a distro that gets better and better from version to version. A gift that keeps on giving. 🙂


Wanna hear my personal opinion? Fuk, I tell you anyway: If you can’t be arsed switching to Arch but wanna stay on Ubuntu’s loveliest daughter, then do yourself a favour and chose the LMDE version (Linux Mint Debian Edition): It runs a bit faster, has newer software since it’s rolling and you don’t need to install a totally new version every 6 months. So I also stay fairly uninvolved with the latest rollout. Even Manjaro hardliner Orca always keeps a USB stick with the latest Mint ISO handy as an emergency system. I never came across a PC that was so badly misconfigured that I couldn’t install Mint on it … or at least running its live environment. But please, do as you want. Main issue is you move your ass and your computers over to Linux!


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