About Anime


Yesyes, I know it’s mostly childish stuff, very light entertainment with little to no substance. Look at all the moe shows with cute as buttons school girls sitting around and discussing their shitty lifes; that’s anime for the masses, anime for stupid teens. But did you know that a huge chunk of anime shows are created specifically for adult audiences?


And NO!, by adult audiences I don’t mean pervert pedobears! Your dirty mindset astonishes me. Adult usually does have a completely different meaning than the very biased and one-sided definition of Linden Lab! Adult means just that: A person old and mature enough to deal with LIFE! In all its forms and shapes, with all its hardships as well.


Ok, with that out of the way, let’s come back to the anime  trope. Digibro, one of my fave YouTubers in regards of anime just made a very comprehensive video about one of my favourite anime shows: Cowboy Bebop. Why he did so in June of 2016, 18 years after the show first aired … because he was thinking about the show. After all these years. Because of course he had to make another video about it. From his new perspective as an adult. As someone who’s learned to carry that weight of being an adult person …

Yeah, it’s easy to watch Cowboy Bebop as a teen. The stories are not complicated, there’s always action and entertainment and tragedy and that cool cinema noire atmosphere. It’s quirky and whimsical … and let’s not forget the legendary soundtrack by Yoko Kanno.


But all that ain’t really what CB is about. It’s about how people are dealing with life as adults in an adult way. That’s why Digi, and I bet milions of fellow otakus – and me as well – always fall back to scenes from CB. We can’t get that stuff out of our heads. What we found cute and/or weird when watching CB for the first time, took on a different meaning in the years since then. And Digi captured that revelation, that feeling, wonderfully in his latest video. He’s a real philosopher. You find those in the most curious places don’t you?

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to get you into anime. It’s an aquired taste and a really strange way to consume audiovisual entertainment. Also I’m not trying to act as anime’s attorney here and convince you of its cultural value. Either you get it or you don’t. And I have to agree there’s a lot of schmutz and dreck in anime and you gotta dig deep to find the rare diamonds in the shitpile. It’s like finding a decent movie coming out of Hollywood or a decent popsong in the Top 40. Or a person with some intellectual capacity at a SL Welcome Center. It’s hard and takes a lot of patience but it is very possible.

What really triggered me to hint you onto Digi’s video was a remark Maiti made yesterday. She said something like »You and your anime and lynux …« in a kinda derogatory but surprisingly unevil tone, which made me ask myself again about my fascination with anime. Less with GNU/Linux, since that is like totally clear. It’s just the more elegant code, the better and easier Operating System, period! But why am I so fascinated by anime? Why not Disney or Pixar movies? I mean Disney and Pixar are good, sometimes very good but they don’t fascinate me in the way some anime does. I guess that fascination’s got a lot to do with being an adult, watching the anime from some kinda meta point of view, from a somewhat removed adult perspective. And that is a POV Disney and Pixar aren’t delivering on very strongly. Their stuff is mostly for kidz and entertainment-hungry shallow-thinking, naive adults.


Anyway, go, watch *Cowboy Bebop, all 26 episodes of the series plus the movie (which plays in a timeline between episodes 23 and 24) and only then go watch Digibro’s video. Or do it the other way round, so you’re prepared and know how you’re supposed to feel and react. 😉 And after having experienced CB in all its depths you’ll probably know that its no shame to watch anime even as an discerning adult. Maybe it even helps you to become a better adult … to carry that weight.





* If you don’t know how and where to acquire CB just ask Orca on a more private channel. She might know one or the other way to get it. 😉


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