One More OrCafé


It’s not that I don’t like my old build anymore, quite the contrary. I guess it did turn out rather well back then, considering me with absolutely no clue about building shit in Second Life. But in its new location I wanted to add a roof to the OrCafé, which also went well … but it’s too straightforward and simple. I wanted something a little more fancy and “disco”, so I had the idea of using half tubes of glass. And exactly that’s what I’m trying to make now.

One problem I’m running into now is the corner entrance. See how the corner of my tuberoof ends in nowhere? Will maybe make another pillar there but then I’d need to make the entrance wider on both sides … hmmm. :/

Also the textures have to change I guess. As you may know our collective land is on Sansara, the old world, not some tropical private estate or shit but pretty close by the East River Community and Kitten’s Yorkshire Land. So I thought I’d do away with all the bricks and driftwood and maybe go with some concrete, glass, steel and really expensive wood. Italian Style chic. Catch my drift?

Anyway, now it’s time to start the RL day. CYA laterz xoxoxo



  1. I’m no architect, and maybe it’s just the photo angle, but it appears that the pillar to your immediate right isn’t supporting anything.


    • Oh, it does support something, dear Luna. It supports my OCD, my need to find a satisfying ending for everything! Can’t just end a glass wall in thin air, it needs some kinda border. That’s what the columns/pillars are there for in the first place. Will put up a trellis as a connector in between the walls and the roof arches. That will make the useless pillar look more connected.


    • Oh. Too small? I built the new one on the same 20×20 footprint and am fully intent to place it exactly where the old OrCafé is situated now. In that corner it’s wasting the least space. In fact all I really did was changing the roof and making the build more prim effective.


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