During my nightly visit of Second Life of course I also paid a brief visit to Triumphal. The legendary home of SL’s bestest yacht club has changed quite a bit since Orca dropped the mic there. And it seems to morph from week to week, day to day. Let’s have a looksie:

From a bird’s eye view Triumphal looks like a real village now
Yeah, definately a small village when I look from the docks onto Triumphal downtown 😉 The “skyline” is definately dominated by Laured’s paintshop Celtica Nautic.
Like every village Triumphal also has a mall … even a freebie mall. This is where you can find the fabled Shields boat … and go racing directly at the nearby startline. Every Saturday at 12 pm with RD Lucy
Personal highlights in the small but nifty lineup of sailing stuffz are Charlz Price’s lovely modelled Class 40 and Class 50 ft yachts, which he left behind after he left SL
The racy Class 40 (left) is my favourite, while the 50 looks more like a comfy cruiser and irritates me with her weird paintjob. I doubt that’s Charlz’s original design. :/


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