If Marvel Does It, So Can We …


… is what the Russians thought. The story of Russia’s own super hero movie sounds quite familiar: Artificially breed supersoldiers were stored when the cold war ended but with the latest aggressions by the west, the program gets revitalized and … yadda yadda yadda … Hollywood couldn’t have come up with a more ridiculous and pathetic script. But maybe it’s quite refreshing to see the other side can do shit as well.


Okay, bring on the pathos! And the trailer for Guardians/Zaschitniki looks kinda well-done. Unfortunately it doesn’t provide any insight into the story.

The principal photography isn’t even finished yet but the net is already  humming with fan art.

Here goes to IMDb

And here is another trailer:

Asking me, I just can’t wait for the super powered witch. What will she be, like an SL avatar or what?




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