Right Wing Idiots Won’t Die Out :(

I don’t know shit about Muslims. But to be fair I don’t know much more about Christianity and Judaism neither. But what I know is that each and every muslim must go on a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime. And most of them are doing it. Now international foootball star and Turkish born Mesut Özil of the German national team happens to be a Muslim. And of course as a good Muslim he visited Mecca just a short while ago and did there whatever true believers are doing there in Mecca.

So far so good, everybody needs a hobby I guess. Unfortunately he posted a photo of himself in front of the Kaaba on his facebook account …


… and not only received many many sympathetic comments by fans …


… but also a regular shitstorm from Germany’s most stupid neo-conservative and xenophobe pseudo-political party, AfD. I mean, hey Mesut, don’t worry. These people probably never liked you in the first place. Not even when you won the world championship. Not even now that you’re as officially German as me and them. They are just stupid, childish haters who can’t stand to see other people fulfilling their  dreams and minding their own business. Haters gonna hate.



As of now Mehmut Özil is playing somewhere in the British Premier League …


… but what do I know. Football is even more strange for me than religion

What these fuckers of the AfD don’t (wanna) see is the simple fact that religion is a private thing, not a political instrument. As every sane person should be able to sense, that you are very proud of your pilgrimage to Mecca and posted the photo on Facebook just for that reason. But the stupid bitch of the AfD had to construct a laughable “unpatriotic” case against you. Is she stupid or what? You just won the world championship for her and for her beloved Germany, how much more patriotic can someone be?

Of course I take it for granted that you’re first and foremost a Turk and accepted the German nationality mainly for the reason so you could play for one of the best teams in the world. Not because you love us Germans soooo much and are a glowing patriot. I also take it for granted you won’t sing the national anthem before the games … what was the bitch expecting? Honestly now, does she want you to betray Allah and pray to her christian God, does she want you to forget from where you once came? Jeeze, obviously she doesnt understand the business of modern football. Even less then me. 😉



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