Last One on a Mac is a Loser!


No, really! By now not only Asus, but Dell, Lenovo and others don’t just have alternatives for MacBook and Macbook Air in their lineup but they offer better, lighter, smaller and more powerful machines to boot. And all that for lower prices than the fruit company from Cupertino is willing to give you.

And let’s not even talk about the biggest advantage of all those Winblows machines over their MacOS brethren: Asus, Dell and co letting me delete fukn Winblows and install my sexy Linux distro. Dunno if that’s so easy on a Mac product.


  1. I agree apple have set the standard for so long they had to be copied at least now there is viable competition into the higher end off the shelf PC
    I won’t by Apple again unless they do a pricing u turn it’s not likely at least till they loose a big percentage of sales
    damn shame Jobs passed away and pure profit took a hand
    BIG sighs


    • Setting the standard? Hardly. Apple couldn’t have built the Macbook Air in the first place without ultraflat, energy saving Intel chips. Ok, they were the first, kinda setting the trend for ultrabooks. But they are hopelessly falling behind the PC scene in many other aspects.

      And although they are building mostly adorable hardware I guess you made a wide decision not to purchase any Apple product until they put some worthwile price tags on their computers.


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