What Germans Really Really Do Hate …

… are nazis, in any way, shape or form!




Even if they aren’t fellow Jerries but brits or idiots from any other country. The joke stops with us when it’s about nazis. Absolutely, and no exceptions.



  1. I refuse to get into this topic apart from to say this….
    we, in England have a totally different, and sometimes amusing opinion of Nazi,s we never think of Germans in that way
    it’s part of our history that we fought and defeated such a terrible party
    The German outlook on the subject is totally and utterly different and that’s easy to understand.
    I’m not taking sides in any way shape r form, or defending or attacking ANYONE or nation
    It’s just different cultures have a different outlook
    PS the Brits at did that were twats for not bothering to even TRY to understand the ramifications of their dumb actions


    • I won’t call them twats, although they are, but why not just calling them by their real names: They are fukn neo-nazis, scum of the earth.


  2. they were almost certainly NOT neonazis just idiots a bit like one of our illustrious total princes that wore a swotsticker in public
    us Brits just don’t get it


    • Didn’t you read the article?
      “The two British men posted the picture to a Twitter account associated with the neo-Nazi group National Action”
      They were also masked and sneaked into the torture chamber, so it was clearly done on purpose and with planning. That’s more than just harmless “idiocy”.


  3. like one of out,illustrious,princes who wore a swot sticker for fun in public
    total idiots racist or political, doubtful IMHO nuff said now


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