Nice Try, @$$holes. :(


They aren’t even ashamed of their fucking lies, which becomes clear when you cast a closer look at our western populations who’ve lost at least 50% of their human brain functions, like critical thinking, bullshit detecting, forming of intelligent thoughts in the last two decades alone. Yes, you can sell the biggest bullshit, the most atrocious ideas and the most fucked up political ideologies to today’s western populations. It’s so sad.

I’m facepalming since like 40 years by now and slowly getting really angry.

What I don’t get at all, is why do they have to attack everybody? On one hand they hate Muslim terrorists and on the other hand they hate the only power that actively fights against ISIS in Syria: Russia. This kind of double moral, of bigotry and downright hurtful stupidity cost us all, everyone of us, lots of money, lots of freedom and first of all, all our human dignity.

That’s why I always say: Unsubscribe from all your newspapers and magazines, throw out your TVs and from today on only and exclusively read Orcablog!!! And you’ll see, in no time you too will become a totally clever but infinitely sad and frustrated little sufferer. Cool, no?

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