Yellow Washing. :/

You might remember my reports about the weirdest miscast of Scarlett Johansson as Major Motoko Kusanagi in the Hollywood live action remake of the world famous Ghost in the Shell manga and anime franchise. Now, hell yeah, Hollywood seems to have listened to the public outcry and tries to make good on all the GitS fans worldwide.

Too little too late …

Ok, now are Rila Fukushima and particularly Beat Takeshi rather well-known to western audiences but there’s still the elephant in the room: The major herself! An icon of a strong Japanese heroine character Major Motoko Kusanagi, is to be played by blonde Swedish bimbo Scarlett Johansson. Despite her talent as an actress and her strength making her a near perfect match for the role of Kusanagi she’s still caucasian as caucasian goes. And as I hear attempts to turn her into a CGI Japanese woman weren’t successful.

not jap enough

Does a Japanese woman sport a noooooooose like ScarJo?

So please excuse me for not puting my hopes up too high for the Hollywood flick becoming a credible adaptation of the GitS saga.

Beat Takeshi looks almost like a Japanese man. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Methinks it’s really too little too late for saving this GitS adaptation from becoming an unvoluntary comedy and international laughing stock. And once again we see how a very expensive project can fail already in the early planning stages. But you just HAD TO book ScarJo, didn’t you? Because she’s all the rage right now? Because she’s the only action actress with some pull at the box office? You just had to cast her, no matter what movie, right? Nobody reads those scripts anyway.


  1. A weird movie like this needs a face to attract viewers so who better than Scarlett? And she will be perfect in the part as usual.


    • Usually I’d say you’re right, as I love my portion of Scarlett as much as everybody does. She’s fantastic and I’d even say just the right type for the role. BUUUT if this film gets weird – which it will be without a doubt – it’s Scarlett’s fault. Respectively the ppl resonsible for casting. Trappsen, this ain’t just any Japanese flick which can easily be transplanted over to the west, this ain’t Ringu, but GitS is about as Japanese as it goes, it’s about national interests in a increasingly violent post-war world ruled by economic and military powers, and Japan’s role in it. It’s even a nationalistic, fascist story in which the hardened battle veteran Kusanagi Motoko sticks out like a sore thumb would she be a gaijin, a longnose, a fucking white girl.

      Remember Seven Samurai? It became such a big hit in Hollywood since they carefully rewrote the whole story for the Magnificent Seven and planted it firmly in Mexico. They don’t do it with GitS! No plans to have the story playing anywhere else than in a futuristic, dystopic version of Japan. Section 9 is gonna stay a Japanese agency full of Japanese personnel … led by a COO which is a Japanese icon … and a Swedish bikini bimbo. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


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