Future Plans

Well, near future, very near future, actually the future of next week. We’re flying home on the 13th, so the future will start on the 14th. What am I planning for this future? Of course logging into SL more often, which is a long-term plan of mine anyway – just didn’t get around doing it – and writing more reports from inworld. Of course, Orca, dream on.

And another future plan is about testing two new Linux distros, respectively new versions of existing distros, that made me kinda curious. And in the self-acclaimed spirit of my mission they’ll be non-geeky, hopefully beginners friendly distros.

My two test candidates are:



AryaLinux out of India is based on LinuxFromScratch (LFS) and therefore promises to be a very resource friendly and fast distribution. And since it’s based on LFS it’s perfect for the playkiddies among us and enables even clueless housewifes like Orca to build their own distributions. Uh well … we’ll see how it works out. I shall first try to get Arya installed and see how it runs on my test PC.

Maybe I’ll emerge like an expert from this experience, probably I’ll be frustrated and hate Arya Linux like totally.

I also shall have a peek at Rebellin Linux, also out of India. Cool eh, these clever asians slowly becoming computer super stars, and I’m not talking about the countless Windows Service Center phone scammers. Like many 3rd world and emerging countries they are building strong IT infrastructures without the questionable help by Microsoft and Apple.



Rebellin is based on Debian, which is nothing new but also nothing bad. Debian is famous for being newb-friendly, reasonably lightweight, fast and most of all stable and secure. The makers even say aggressively secure. They also claim Rebellin has all you need. We will see, will we? I mean not that it’s overly important if a distro comes with all your fave software preinstalled as everything is quickly installed with either a single line of command code or just a few mouse clicks. But that isn’t overly n00b friendly is it? At least it’s coming with the simple but weird new Gnome 3 desktop and – yippie! – MATE DE, so we’ll feel right at home.

So, anyway, these two distros made me curious and I can hardly wait trying them out. The kinda exotic Arya excites me even more than the classic Rebellin but I’m hopeful for both of them.

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