Well Meant Stupidity :(

No, not talking about Orca for once but Linux. Looksee this shit …

The Linux Insider knows all about it!

Whoa! Stop your horses! So, we see where you’re coming from, Linux Foundation: You’ve done great work in the past, spread the gospel, did some cool things to promote the GNU/Linux idea. Sorry to say but this ain’t 1992 or 2002, guys; its fükin 2016! You’ve done what you could, everybody knows about Linux’s existence and can make up their friggin minds about it. It was never easier than today to grab a copy of a nice Linux and install it on their computers. If n00bs wanna know more they will find all the help they need/want (and then some) in countless blogs, websites, forums and distro homepages. If anybody has absolutely no clue it will take them a mere 3 minutes to get informed and decide on a reasonably good distro. One peek at distrowatch‘s top charts should be enough to make an informed decision.

Everything one needs to know to decide on a good distro.

It’s in fact not a lack of usuable information that makes new users shy away from our Linux, it’s the exact opposite: Information overkill, information forcefeeding, information dumping, information missionaries taking the fun out of Linux.

Linux isn’t for the small inbreed fraction of super geeks anymore, they aren’t your target group as they are already using Linux since years and years. Your target group are stupid housewifes like Orca, Luna and Sammie. You won’t grab and convert these people with longwinded fact stories about the pros of Linux over Win and Mac, you only grab them/us by showing us the ease of use, the fun and the freedom to be had on Linux.

So some selfmade badge/seal of approval is as helpful as a speech by Donald Trump and contains roundbout the same zero value.

My first contact with Linux was made after a  very thorough 2-minutes long research that brought me directly to Ubuntu/Mint and the Xfce desktop environment. So my first Linux ever was already an alternative desktop on a forked Ubuntu. And indeed it was The Hotness at the time. Cool, made the correct decision right away, without the much needed help of some quality badge by the Linux Foundation.

So, after the much laughed about video series you’re now trying to establish The Badge for the same reason??? What are you doing, Linux Foundation? Trying to justify your own measly existence, feeling good about your self importance? Honestly, I always had a great deal of respect for you guys and girls but it’s misleaded projects like these that make me question you now. The idea of the badge is cringeworty. Can’t you find better ways to waste all the donation monies on? You’ve become a bunch of rodeo clowns and are about as useful.

200px-Linux_Foundation_logoI know I’m not your target group, rockin Linux since 3 or 4 years already, but you never played a role in my Linux life, not even in the beginning. Same as you don’t play a role in the life of other newbs. They rather listen to really clever people like Matt Hartley, Brian Lunduke, Joe Collins, Jack M. Germain or even opinionated half-wits like Orca than tuning in on your empty propaganda broadcast. When Orca recommends a distro like Ubuntu MATE people can trust that it is tested and proven to work under the most primitive circumstances and the most clumsy operator. And it’s in fact installed as sole system on a elderly desktop computer, a really existing one, not a virtual machine, not even dual booting. No, everything Orca does is fukn real … so if she says “das ist gut!” it’s a real sign of quality compared to your committee-approved choices.

Sincerely disappointed

O. Flotta

PS: Pheeew, well, after 30 or 40 disconnects I finally managed to publish this article. But it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t fun. But it was important to me, so I did it.

And succeeded!

\o/ YAY! \o/

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