The Annual Bryan Lunduke Talk …


… was rather short this year and it missed his typical “reveal” of first making a statement like “Linux Sucks” or “Windows is Awesome” and then debunking it throughout his speech and turning it the other way round. In fact, yes, that methodology got quite old so this year he just straightforward tells us how Linux is Freaking Weird.


Ya, I guess there is only so much to say about a computer operating system, only so many statements to make, only one or two philosphies about this rather dry subject. And, heyyy, isn’t that already awesome, a thinker like Bryan Lunduke giving lectures about such a stupid thing? That people are really excited about working on/in/with Linux. I guess alone for that part Linux clearly differentiates itself from its closed source brethren and deserves to be celebrated at gatherings like the LinuxFest Northwest. These things you won’t see in Windows or MacOS; and even if they are done they are organized, restricted and regulated by the companies behind the products.



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