For the First Time in History …

… it’s not raining men but I have all my 3 computing machines not only running at the same time but all perfectly set up and up-to-date with flawlessly working operating systems. \o/ YAY! \o/ I’m so great, LøL.

Looksee here:


fltr: OrcNet sports a freshly installed and updated Manjaro Linux MATE on Kernel 4.5.2 and on Testing repos, MiniMax on the same distro and kernel but on more secure Stable repos, MiniMe on the right runs on Mint MATE Debian Edition.

Okay, yes, for now I decided to try to run Manjaro on OrcNet, so far no problemo. If nothing goes BUMP in the night this will probably be my travel OS for this year’s outing to Europe. Cool eh? Such geeky, so much nerdgasm. 🙂

And for all sceptics: Maybe you can see now why I spent so much money on wireless mice. Imagine all 3 having long cable tails swirling all over the desk … uh oh. 😮

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