Video Found @Uccie Poultry’s Blog

Was just doing my rounds – after days of neglecting my daily dawn patrol duty – and found this pretty cool vid on Uccie’s bloggy:

Dunno about you but I love and always loved the SL promo vids. If done decently well, like this one, they always do remind me on why the fuck I found SL so compelling and a good place to waste my time in the first place. 😉

Thx for stumbling about this widdioh, Uccie. xoxoxo







PS: I may be living under a rock and years behind in technology but why that girl is wearing an octopus on her face is a riddle for me. She confusing the not yet existing Sansar with our good old SL? Far as I know SL ain’t ready to show us anything VR … and hopefully will never be ready for that stupid stuff.



  1. Is that really the best they can do these days? Those glasses are HUGE! I’d rather not strain my neck. Will there be a Lagerfeld version?


    • Worse, Luna, even worserer; they despise SL, they hate their own product and they have nothing but contempt for the userbase, their customers. For a while the management forbid the more low level Lindens to log in world at all. Because we’re just a bunch of quirky virtual world citizens and pretty happy in our environment. LL always wanted only cater to the super geeks, totally forgetting that they aren’t really capable of satisfying the more techy needs of those super geeks.

      That company is helpless.


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