No Avies in Project Sansar?

If you’re a follower of the Owl you already read and seen it but there were indeed two snapshots from inworld Project Sansar published on their Facebook page.


So, here. That’s it. That’s all we gotta see from Project Sansar up to now. As Daniel remarked the user interface looks indeed very nice and unobtrusive – so totally not like all the V3 SL viewers – but I can’t see much of the “really good” details.


And, most importantly, where are the avies, dammit? I know Sansar is in very early alpha and there are not more than the chosen few content creators online but still, is it asked too much if one of them would kindly share a selfie?



  1. Utherverse has a cool user interface, too. It just loses big-time to Second Life on content. Interior decoration and very primitive prims were the extent of the content creation most of us in Utherverse could do (of course, we had clothing and prim brewers, but the steps to get into that market were higher than they are in SL. Things might have changed since the last time I bought clothing or prims in Utherverse.

    The worlds we played in were essentially skyboxes – large constrained areas you could only enter or leave by teleport. That’s probably one reason Sansar’s got such a cool interface; they someway or another changed the user experience to be more like Brian Shuster’s model in Utherverse. That’s a legitimate choice, but I wonder how much of what we know and love about Second Life got traded away.


    • Patricia, thx for chiming in. I’m sorry to admit I never was in Utherverse, nor am I a gamer but used my computers mainly as typewriters. In fact was SL my first foray into any game-ish or VW environment. And it blew me away. Completely.

      But I can tell what we – no, not we but LL – traded away for Sansar: The World aspect of the SL VW! The need for a World Map, to orientate yourself, to navigate the world; the option to use vehicles, like boats, airplanes, bikes and cars, spaceships, even trains. That’s what I and most SL travelers and explorers love most but Ebbe hates. Sansar is nothing but a collection of completely unrelated “experiences” you can only get into by TP.

      For me my future course in Virtual is set: Once Sansar has replaced SL I’ll be out and back to producing thousands of pages of text again. Writing stories is immersive enough for me. It’s like a movie in your head. And I’ll save some dough on graphic cards and octopuses. 😉

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      • You’re preaching to the choir. However, as a writer myself, I’ve found Second Life (the “classic” version I now use) to be a fountain of exposure to how others communicate which has dramatically helped me write good dialogue in my stories.

        If Ebbe truly hates our geographic and terrain model in SL, perhaps he ought to save us all the necessity to move to the Open Sim and go work for Shuster at Uthervetse.


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