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Heyas, just stumbled over this comment on a YouTube video by Don’t Call Me Lenny:


And, yessss, that John character is so fukn right, is he not? It is the (sad?) reality nowadays that installation and maintenence of a Windows system is much more complicated and time-consuming than on a Linux system. Particularly when you wanna stay free of spyware and stick with Win7 for a while longer it becomes a very tedious task because Microsoft don’t care about anything that’s not Win10 anymore. And when watching Len’s video I can’t help but spacing out and thinking how lucky I am to have found Linux.

Jeez, poor Len! Why’s he still dabbling with Windows anyway? I can hardly watch him jumping thru the burning hula hoops, Microsoft have provided for him. It physically hurts me! So my question is: Why are people still putting up with all that bullshit … and even paying good money for it?

Oh, you’re still waiting for my thought of the day? Guess you’ve figgered it out by now:

Linux might still be a niche operating system in the mind of the stupid masses. It might appear like complicated and geeky and only good for hackers and servers. Nothing could be further from the truth! Nowadays the right Linux distros are super easy to install, maintain and to operate, every stupid housewife can do it. Girlfriends do it, moms do it, kids do it, pensioners do it and even Orca does it …

And so can you!


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