That Many Paint, Such WOW!

Laured’s paintshop Celtica Nautic has grown quite a bit since she moved operations to Triumphal. In the beginning she had just a small hut but now …


Yah, look at how big her humble little paintshop has grown. She has a big hall where she can even put designs on big yachts, plus a show room and office. Really pretty, really professional outfit this is now.

And same as Ali Vultee, Laured’s only offering a sophisticated but small collection of premade designs but cares mostly about custom made designs for individual customers as her core business.

So if you’re in need for a fancy new design for your fancy new racer or banged up old cruiser, contact Laured Cabassoun of Celtica Nautic and bring some colour into your life.


If you insist you may even purchase your new boat design from Celtica Nautic Marketplace store. But where’s the fun in that?


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