The Proof is in the Pudding!

While Orca rants and makes bad puns about Apple, their products, and about the computers, in particular about the new new MacBook – the gold-rosé fashion fiasco – she has failed so far to come up with some real arguments against Apple’s newest child.

Fortunately PC World took on the ungrateful task to compare it against its closest competitors on the Windows PC side.


Let’s see how Pinky compares to real computers …

No, I’m not gonna copypasta the whole article here now; you can click on the conveniently placed linkage yourself, can you? But I’m giving you a TL;DR of the contested disciplines, so you’ll appear like clever without even reading it up, ok?




PORTS: Winner PC (You didn’t honestly expect any different outcome?)

STORAGE: Tie (That’s easy, as storage isn’t system or construction critical)

KEYBOARD: Winner PC (That’s a shocker as Apple was always kinda beloved for their better than average KB’s)

BATTERY CAPACITY: Tie (Pfff, same as storage, it’s easy to put a battery into a case)

PRICE: Winner PC (No, really??? LOL)

COLOUR: Winner MacBook 12 (okok, right outta the box the Mac comes in 4 colour schemes, that’s cool … even if one of them is the infamously fugly rosé-gold)

So, there you have it: PC wins everything, at least the most critical disciplines. I guess Apple owes the PCWorld a big favour now for giving them a chance to get on par with its PC competitors in some childish and totally insignificant disciplines. Anyway, as I’m saying since like forever: There is no reason to buy any Apple products! Not one.

Well, except you like the certain style of Apple products, which makes them still the Captain Cool of the lot. Come on now, we gotta give it to them. Some of their products are just too adorable to refuse … if you got the necessary money to buy them.

But most PC manufacturers know Apple’s spiel and they are quickly catching up and making stuff even better and cheaper.


Sorry, couldn’t resist. =^.^=

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