I’m Quite Proud of Myfuckingself! :)

Well, that the trusty and reliable old ZZ and the SL Sailing thingie are reblogging every single one of my brainfarts is nothing new BUT today my story about LL gutting SL to support Project Sansar – which is also nothing new – although it’s gonna be a niche product for a super tiny niche, much smaller even than SL’s quasi handpicked niche clientele, was reblogged by two very big and influential blogs.



First reblog was by Willow. I’m quite happy for getting reblogged on such boring, almost adult themes and blogs. Thanks again for recommending my clever but ultimately insignificant thoughts on Sansar and how LL handles it, Willow.



Second reblog was by renowned Virtual You Magazine, and oh boy, they really added some fancy layout and their own commentary to my short news report.

Anyhoo, this is kinda awkward. I guess I wrote far better pieces, and more importantly far longer and most importantly original pieces by yours truly, not just reblogs with added commentary. I guess I writered even the one or other opinion piece about the very same Project Sansar that gave me such attention today. I wrote kinda clever shit, in my own kinda Denglisch. But I guess I didn’t do too badly. These articles should’ve gotten the attention my short NWN reblog got today.

Ugh, shame man. :/

Oh, and now there’s only one thing left to do: People, click on my links and then Follow Whooshing Around the Metaverse and Your Virtual Magazine. I promise you, both are very interesting, intelligent and nicely done sites. You won’t regret subbing to them.



  1. Thank you for the reference to my site ( Whooshing Around the Metaverse ) I also left a long comment on your site about the disaster of Project Sansar.


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