Hey Rockstar Maiti Yenni, Spare a Minute?


This is somehow unconventional, isn’t it. Why do I revitalise my old interview series, and why do I interview someone decidedly not from the small circle of TrYC luminaries?

Simple answer: Why not?

Maiti Yenni, a name that makes sparks fly, and sends many people over the rail, one of the handful real controversial figures in SL sailing, like only MarkTwain White and Don Berithos have managed so far. Maiti Yenni, one of the very few real frenemies I’ve ever had, only the second person I’ve ever muted and voted in favour of kicking her out of the WTWB forum.

How come I’m inviting her to answer my questionaire? Why are we so civil lately? As you might know Maiti hit hard times in RL recently, really hard times. It surely was a rude awakening for her … and an eye-opener for me as well. Will Maiti and Orca be besties from now on? I doubt that, there are worlds of difference in between us, we mostly don’t even speak the same language or can agree on the simplest things. But we both realized all the warfare and bickering in a stupid internet game isn’t worth it, it’s stupid and childish so let’s at least be nice and civil and respectful with each other. Maiti, Ana and others represent the recent era of SL sailing as Béa, Anu, Silber, me and others have represented a past era. Let’s just leave it at that.

And, truth be told, Maiti and me have always – even in the times of total warfare – stayed in each other’s friendslist … and read the other’s blogs. 😉

So here’s the long overdue Rockstar interview with Maiti Yenni:


1) Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you come into SL?

I came to Second Life when it was still very early. I think late 2005. A College roommate showed it to me and I was instantly hooked. Quickly I learned how to make money on land, land speculation. They were still finishing the first continent, and starting the second, and weekly LL was putting up many sims for auction. I started off bidding on one, then breaking it up for people, later I was buying as many as 10 or 12 per week and breaking them up. It was a very exciting time in SL, wild growth. Things and people were very different then. real cash was easy to make, I paid off student loans with proceeds from SL. Later I had such things as a large casino, a strip club, even owned a brothel. (No, I didn’t work there!) Much Later, after the land boom was well over, and many changes in rules and such came about, as well as me introducing several methods of land use and sales that proved within the rules, but highly unpopular with the public, I became the Maiti you know now.


2) Do you have a relationship in SL?

I do! It’s funny, in the many years I have been in SL I have always wanted a true partner. I have been involved with several people both male and female, but never found one of the perfect fit. Many had turned out to be great friends and a few I lost during all the fighting with in the sailing forum wars; – if you want to call them that, it’s actually a title I heard used once.

But early last December, I met the most wonderful woman I could possibly wish for. I actually describe her as the diamond in the SL coal mine. The one thing that truly makes her special to me is her strong belief in the thing I also demand in a partner: Monogamy! Yeah there are a few people that do believe in it, but not many. and combined with all her other traits she is just so wonderful. We ended up partnering quickly, the first time for either of us, and in a way quite different than I’m actually known for. When I got hurt and then the awful diagnosis came, she has stuck by me every step of the way. We have discussed taking things far further, however I wish that to be after I’m whole again, so that may be a bit. But it also gives me one hell of a reason to fight and live. I love you Em!


2) How did you find out that sailing was possible in SL?

Originally most of my interest was more in building. I built a lot of different buildings and other such things. Although, of course, I liked land near or on water like everyone else, I rarely heard of people sailing, never heard later about the USS or the Blake Sea for that matter. It wasn’t until maybe a year or so before I changed to Maiti that a close friend (One of the few who knew me in both lives.), introduced me to sailing. She owned a Trudeau Leetle Cat. After being in that boat with her just one time, I was hooked. I knew what I really wanted to do in my free time in SL. Sailing. When I made the switch to Maiti, I went out, bought a large Boat to Moor in Honah Lee, and a Leetle Cat, which for the better part of the first week I was learning how to right it after capsizing. I got better and better and after a while bought my second boat a larger one. It grew from there.


3) What is your favorite Boat?

I have always been a fan of Trudeau Boats. Older design, wood, around the early 1900’s have always been a huge love of mine. That said, quite a few of the new boats by the Mesh Shop are quite challenging, the IF and Flying Shadow among them. The addition of weather helm makes for an experience even closer to the real thing, regrettably there will never be anything like sitting in your real life wood boat on a hazy morning, on the Nantucket Sound in Second Life! The feel of that real life experience I wish on all of you reading. It’s life changing.


4) Are you also sailing in RL?

Well I have been for several years, I even had an opportunity a few summers ago to crew on an original NY30. Last year bought an honest and quite beautiful Beetle Cat, the RL version of the renounced [renowned. ed] SL Leetle Cat. Again, I’m not sure due to my illness how much sailing time I will get in this summer, but I’m hoping to be while enough to sail it a bit late summer and into fall. Honestly when I think of things to fight for, it’s very high up on the list.


3) How did you become such a controversial person in the sailing community?

Well this is actually a sort of non-question to a lot of people, and also controversial in how its asked. I also think it requires answers to several sub portions assumed in the question.

First, I guess I’m known by the people who are taking the time to read this blog. Most of them I assume, have been part of the boat racing crowd and have likely read at one time the older forums, and such. I consider those people, (Which includes myself), a very tiny, remote section of the True Sailing Community. What most do not realize is that the people who read forums and or participate actively in racing represent only a tiny fraction of all the SL residents who own and sail boats all over the grid. I consider all of those people, people who own boats, people who sail boats, even the people whom I personally think are absolutely selfish and crazy, but have military battleships and aircraft carriers and the true Sailing Community. Folks like me, and say you Orca and most reading this interview are in a subset of that community, call it if you wish the sail racing community. So its likely ideas such as this as well as many others that have contributed to being controversial within the sail racing community.

Now as for this community the sail racing community, well sadly I apparently stepped into a beehive of controversy before I was aware of the politics. I was honestly attacked by people I never even heard of before, and before I even started on the job as commodore of SYC. I was told I was fair game. The attacks on me grew worse and being a person who does not back down easy I fought back. To be honest I am not happy with all that transpired and some of the things I said, however if people took a truly objective look at what was hurled at me, I looked like that cartoon coyote getting the acme anvil hitting me at almost every turn. I’m honestly glad of most of what I uncovered about these people and I do feel in the end changes were made due to my efforts.


4) Any future plans in SL?

Well honestly with the nature and severity of my illness, I really have not been concentrating with new endeavors as much as backing up existing items I’d like to see continue after my passing. VWS is important to me and many others. I’m currently changing some of the staff around, and setting up a new ownership structure to carry the forum into the future.

I know there was a lot of disappointment concerning the closing and sale of the Three Pines Sailing Center. It was done so after great consideration and with some sadness. Interesting enough, the biggest complainers seem to be those same people who prior to my taking it over, would moor multiple boats there for nothing leaving little to no space for noobs and hold races on occasion, both things that had nothing to do with bringing in new people to sailing or educating them. However, some of these people did their best to also stop the function of the sailing center as well. In particular Silber Sands and Manuel should be ashamed. However, I have been and an am constructing 3 new modern sailing centers, with completely updated self-teaching courses, and updated information sources, which BTW includes SLSailing.co. I know this may come to a surprise to many, however in the spirit of three Pines, neutrality is a must.

There are a few other projects in various stages of completion, I hope to have them completed and staffed in my lifetime.

My most Important focus is honestly, to try to end this belief in this so called split of the community. it’s time we all get together and start building. It’s happening in spots, and with some real support from everyone sailing (all sorts) can grow by leaps and bounds. That’s my true hope, one I honestly hope to live long enough to see.


ED: While I’m not agreeing with Maiti in many points I didn’t complain about the answers or sent the whole questionaire back to her. No, I left it all exactly as I received it, incl. typoes. But except that renounced/renowned confusion. 😉 For the most part I really liked what I read from the interview, a sense of earnesty and reconciliation and honesty I never expected from Maiti. She asked me in accompanying email if I want to change something or if she must explain more, but I prefer to leave it like it is, raw and unedited. The pure and true Maiti. A far more honest, humble and reasonable Maiti than anybody of us had ever hoped for.

Here’s to better times and a great future of our fukn sailing community … hopefully with Maiti!



  1. I’d like to thank Orca for the straight forward, and fair manner this was presented. Before sending it to her, I did a quick check thru it after it was done; because I didn’t want to change or overthink what I had said. My one regret, I please ask you all to replace the word “renounced” to ” renowned” in my reference to the Trudeau Leetle Cat. Just goes to show relying only spell check isn’t always a safe bet!


  2. Thank you for this, Maiti. I’m eager to see your new sailing centers, and hope I can direct people to them. I meet folks now and then who see in my profile that I sail, and other than taking them to YCs, boat stores and the Fruit Islands training center, I haven’t been much help. From my own experience I know that just reading the self-help sequences isn’t enough. Teachers are essential. SLIFF is doing a great job in this way, but the 7 a.m. SLT Sunday sessions aren’t convenient for all. Might your centers have organized classes such as those Hanne ran at Hake? New sailors can benefit from that structure, and intermediates like me could get a lot out of tactical training. Please keep us apprised of your projects, and take good care.

    Cheers and fair winds!


  3. Hi Luna. Thanks for the interest. Yes, self help training is Not enough. I personally started the sailing school when Sliff first started. I taught live on site. These classes were not only classroom stuff, but hands on actual sailing as well with time spent with each individual. As i have mentioned in the past those were actually in the evenings Tuesdays and Thursdays. Since i left, the schedule and materials have changed, however Jake, the current instructor is doing an incredible job! (Be sure to see his instructional videos on YouTube! ). I’d love to grab him but people would be screaming !!!!
    One center is now operational and i am teaching there, by appointment currently, in my home sim of Ockway Bay, which is part of the Trudeau Estate. As I can recruit and hire more qualified instructors, the other two centers will open. My plan is to start publishing times and dates for classes, done by live people, when i have a second person and get the second center routinely manned.
    So hey, anyone out there who feels qualified and would like the opportunity to teach live, please contact me!!.


  4. after seeing Miata destroy 3 Pines come sail centre without a whim, after building a horrible ,well don’t know how do describe it really, sailing building and then after it failed, selling out to he highest bidder, a great piece of SL sailing history and generosity blahhh blahhhh
    and taking a look at her new place I won’t be going back any time soon


    • Yeah, selling off 3 Pines just like that was probably the low point of Maiti’s carreer in SL Sailing. And now she can build sailing academies like crazy, it won’t be the same. Why? Because they are not on neutral ground! That was I guess Fran’s first objective: Have the sailing resource centers far outside of our small community’s comfort zone. Build them on mainland and totally unconnected to any yacht club or established builder. Else would’ve been easy for her to have Fi and Charlz build a center on NYC grounds. Very easy. But guess what: She didn’t!

      What I also found weird in Maiti’s argumentation is how she shifted the blame on you and Slanty. You brought life to Owasco. Yes, you did races, not sailing basic classes but you showed an active sailing “business” in that marina. Honestly, if I was a n00b and seen a handful boats racing around some buoys in that beautiful puddle we call Sea of Fables, I’d gone looking out of interest. And then I’d noticed the freebie boats and interactive self-taught lessons … and then I’d dive right into it. And then, but only then, would I’ve looked into yacht clubs and which one’s the right one for me. And then I’d noticed whoa, TrYC is completely girlpowered and then I’d joined Starboards coz girls are messy as hell and total crap. =^.^=
      Isn’t that how it’s sposed to be???


      • And Orca, please don’t bring Slanty into this, since frankly I don’t even know the person. The two chief people with not one, not two, but 3 or more boats in there, prior to my taking it over was Sammy and Lucy. These two used the place as if it were their own. It’s also interesting that both ran for the hills, not to be seen, when open offers for people to teach there were advertised. So really, that has to bring in a question, what was the interest in the place by these two, was it one where they wanted a spot to moor boats and where they contributed nothing to, yet used constantly, or in service of the sailing public? I think their actions speak to the real truth.
        Second, Orca, as usual you are shooting your mouth off again without any facts. Neutral territory huh? Perhaps you would like to tell everyone reading the EXACT LOCATIONS of these new centers being built? The fact is you don’t know of any, except possibly one, that is a prototype of the actual three that are going up.

        Get your facts straight before attempting to smear people. Stop hiding behind the Bullshit line of you don’t have time to check your facts.


      • Maiti, sorry I really don’t know exactly who was holding 3 Pines at the time. Probably Charlz, maybe Slanty, dunno. Fact is they jumped in and used the marina as proxies until such a time a real owner could be found. If I recall correctly, I guess I had 1 or 2 boats moored there as well. And they used the marina quite efficiently, making it lively and had weekly races there. You don’t know Slanty? Fastest Tako sailor and longest standing SYC Tako RD and diehard EVER! You don’t know her? Fact is, some TrYC member paid tiers the whole time, just for the reason so that no land baron, land flipper or speculator would get their greedy fingers on it. I always thought that was the first priority: keep them sailing centers in the community! As far as Sammie and Lucy go, they were obviously not interested in buying the parcel but Charlz entrusted them with the administration of it. Does it matter how many boats each of them had moored there? No, absolutely not. Your arguments, as usual, are missing the point completely.

        How am I supposed to know where the exact locations of your new centers are supposed to be? It’s totally insignificant and has nothing to do with FJ’s Sailing Resource Centers. I only know you’re trying to replace the 3 Pines center with a new one in your home sim in Trudeau estates. That’s enough. You may open a dozen centers in and around the Blake, it just won’t be the same. Because it won’t be in the spirit, it won’t represent Fran’s will. If you’re really gonna open centers on Corsica, Gaeta V, Korea and Japan, Chapeau, my hat’s off to you. Until then I shall remain my usual sceptic.

        And here we go again, or what? What facts should I get straight if there aren’t any? I know what I know, what everybody knows, and that doesn’t look promising. Where am I smearing people? I look at stuff, I make up my mind, I comment. Has nothing to do with smearing or anything. If you think I’m smearing you, hmmm, maybe it’s your bad conscience making you so jumpy and defensive? You should know I’m not interested in people; not enough to go the extra mile and start a smear campaign against anybody. I’m only interested in one question, the always same question: Are you part of the solution or part of the problem? In this case the answer’s almost too easy: by selling 3 Pines to exactly one of those people that never should get hold of it you’ve created the problem. And you profited from it, but that’s between you and your conscience.


    • Actually, Sammy YOU were specifically the person I was referring to as the person using the center as your own personal marina. You were also one of the biggest reasons the entire place was leveled prior to the transfer to me in the first place. So let’s all just make sure we keep that in the full story line of the history of the place shall we? I was being nice in not nameing you but now , the finger is pointed directly at you.


  5. that marine was NEVER used as my personal property it was dismantled and rebuilt by me and Slanty to become exactly what Fran intended it to be, NOT just a learn yourself sailing but also races, usually M24 or Q2m as they were and still are good racers as to your rather banal, and usual flippant remark about teaching sailing I gave MANY lessons, not just sailing but to potential RD.s wind setting, start line use etc..
    I DId offer to carry on when you built your own shithole there but never had one single enquirer GO FIGURE I never saw it used after you destroyed it
    Same at your little place tacked onto Trudeaus land, Just li,e you did with MTW you hang onto others coat tails to boost your own adjenda Most people realise that I wonder what your active visitor, user count is
    Three Pines was always a Come sail centre open to all and sundry had its own startling I installed most of the buoys etc etc and people used it regularly
    So get of your high horse and talk sense instead of your usual bickering slant on things
    ONLY then, might you be taken seriously


  6. oh yikes my spell checker failed startling is start line oh well you will figure it out hahaha
    Lucy , was never really active there much, she was much more active in TRYC so get your facts CORRECT , actually a thing you persistently fail to do! Rosie, me, Orcs,Charlz and a few others were the main RD,s funny thing is Miata, I never ever recall seeing you there yet you talk as if you know everything about it???
    I only saw you there when you took it over under false pretences, turned it into some godforsaken cramp hole, horrible buildings, no atmosphere etc and you wonder why it failed so spectacularly and then you sold it, NOT back to the sailing community bit for personal gain…
    VERY shoddy….to say the least
    so, Miata, go find more coat tails to hang onto till they see thru your shallowness and get rid of you
    One of the only sensible things MTW ever did IMHO


  7. To both Matii and Orca – This is the best 15 min i have ever spent on reading a blog post. I’m new to both SL and the sailing community, but even as a noob, not knowingther of you besides sailing past you Guys every now and then, i feel you have contributed to the world i now love so much- Thank you both- Nala


    • You’re very welcome Nala. Didn’t you know that sometimes my comment sections turns into a rather lively forum with much more vile and drama than any of our sailing fori?
      But, sorry to disappoint you, you can’t be a n00b if you’ve seen me sailing in SL. I gotta admit – very much to my shame – that I didn’t sail since at least half a year. Don’t even manage to attend my beloved LCC sunday cruises anymore. 😦

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  8. Maiti, with what’s happening with Jake, is the SLIFF school in disarray? I hope not, as it has been the liveliest thing going, even if I could never drag my sleepy kiester over there on Sunday mornings. The Saturday IF races hadn’t even really had a chance to take off before people with serious psych issues drove Jake away, proving yet again that no good deed goes unpunished. A crying shame 😦


  9. smiles @ Nala
    I see Miata didn’t have the courage to reply nuff said methinks
    Luna, of course it’s in disarray sighs
    another kiss of ……. OH shut up sammy hahahah
    You know what I mean👌


  10. Actually,, Luna, I’m not the one to be asking anything concerning Sliff and any long term plans. I was indeed involved, and had a hand in bringing about, the early rules and layout, and ran some of the early races and so on. My time there preceded both Ella and Jake’s. I helped in the creation of the foundation of the club. My involvement with other things SL and a RL home move at the time, caused me to move over and allow the next generation of folks, Jake and Ellakoo to move into the spot.
    Jake has been doing a wonderful job in creating instructional materials and helping to hold events. One can only hope that he or another will continue there. As for me having any special or inside knowledge, sorry, can’t help you. The thing about SLIFF is the fact that it’s built and planned so that it will grow and promote people within the group organically, There is never going to be a failure or vacuum for very long. Last weekend was a classic example of that in action. When, for some reason, neither of them were available to hold races, people within the club stepped up and continued on, quite successfully from what I heard.That’s what makes the difference you feel between it, and the older models of yacht clubs still floundering around. That’s the true reason for the success you noticed and feel. That’s how it was planned and has so far executed.

    It’s again amazing that Sammy, the acknowledged village idiot, speaks of courage or of knowing anything, when its very clear she holds neither. In fact, how long has it been since you sailed a boat Sammy? The fact is readers, its been years because the moron cant even scrape together enough to get a computer capable of doing so. Even a addict living in a Kenmore box under a bridge can do that, so what’s your excuse bigmouth?

    Sammy, is my friends, is the example of the extreme trash that’s left of the old scumbags left in sailing. Sammy has never built one thing for the public. She hasn’t contributed one bit of help or time. Everything she says or does is with one motivation in mind, to pull down those doing, or helping others and the cause. That’s all she does. All completely self motivated and self serving, and screw everyone else.

    Sammy, i know it’s difficult for you to accept, but what you say does nothing in what I do, or think. It plays no role in getting anything done, nor stopping anything. All it is is a source of amusement because that’s what you have evolved into, a source of amusement. I’d suggest to you to just stop, go back to whatever hole you dwell in, but we all know that won’t work. This is the only part of SL that you can do, truly the only part. And you will continue to do it.
    Go right ahead, it does not effect me and others in any way, shape, or form. Eventually you will just one day disappear, it’s likely nobody will notice for a while. Then some one will mention, “Geez I haven’t seen that cretin for a while.”, everyone will pause for a second agreeing, and then all will continue on.


    • I don’t have a dog in this personal fight, so I just say [——].

      The SLIFF matter is of general interest, however. Thanks, Maiti, for the clarification regarding your involvement with the club. What really interests — grieves– me is the fact that after so many pay lip service to bringing new people to sailing, presumably for new energy and enthusiasm for SL sailing, which is pretty cool, when a new person steps up and makes excellent contributions, he’s hounded out, and for what? Because not everyone will be picked for racing teams? Not everyone will get a trophy? This is like the stupid American self-esteem movement run amok. Now NO ONE gets to race and one of the best, brightest, most dedicated and selfless has left in disgust. I had hoped the SL sailing oldies who love civil war had gone extinct, but I guess I was wrong. Makes me very happy I never became a RD despite Hanne’s urging.


      • Why Luna, whyyyy??? What has being a RD to do with civil war and drama? You can run your race for years and years without ever participating in a forum or having an opinionated blog or getting engaged in drunken pub brawls. You don’t need to be in a specific team or club or whatever. The only important thing is to not have your races at the same time some other RD holds theirs. So, please, listen to Hanne and give in to her urging. =^.^=


    • Maiti, about Sammie:
      Yes, she stubbornly refuses to move into a more urban area with better internet. Her bad.
      Yes, she’s on a Mac that creates more trouble than joy. But you know who else is on Mac, has always been on Mac? Béa Woodget. And she has won many many races on that one or predecessor machines.

      But that’s neither the question nor the problem now, is it?
      For me the only question is if you think Sammie is nothing but the village idiot and doesn’t have any influence on you … then why tf do you care so much about proving your point to her? May it be she has hit a rare nerve with you? Is she poking in an open wound?
      And who are “the old scumbags”, please? Don, Kent? Yes, they were. But Sammie was always active on the other side of the fence, on the good side, on the light side. With the jedis. Let her be an idiot, her heart is beating on the right – the left – side. =^.^= And maybe, one of these days, a couple of eager French trench diggers stumbles down Sammie’s road and lays out some better DSL copper line .. or maybe even fiber. And maybe, after her next Mac breakdown she goes out and gets herself a big box of wonderful spare parts and will build herself a new computer. And with even more luck she will install Linux on that machine … I mean coming from Mac it’s the logical next step, going with Windoze would be a terrible mistake. So, anyway, once she’s good to go again … SHE WILL DO SO! And then you may start to worry. Not now tho.

      And then …

      “the model used in the formation of SLIFF is rather resilient”

      Ya, hehe! How naiive are you, Maiti? I was thinking the same about what I’d set in motion at TrYC once; it’s an unbreakable system, everyone’s ready to take over any role at any given moment … haha, good one. All it took was one unruly RD creating drama, two RDs with Real Lifes interfering, one AWOL Sammie, and one laaaazy Orca stepping down … and our whole power team was a shambles. What do you expect from SLIFF, a very narrow group for a single boat? What do you think will happen once Ana releases her next child into the open?


      • Not Naive at all Orcs. You once again fail at seeing the truth of the real downfall of TrYC , a club BTW, I still belong to as well.
        You and a few others allowed the club to be politicized, and the general public didn’t like the choices. All the other stuff you mentioned were strictly additional symptoms that were either caused by those choices, or incidentally contributed to the downfall of what was admittedly, a really nice active club.
        SLIFF is not structured in even a closely related manner, is not run in the same way, and will easily continue operations and expand. The proof is in the actions, not a bunch of politically motivated hate posters hung all over the club, and role playing sailing group that never got off the ground or even followed their own stated rules.
        Sit back and watch, word has it that people are already asking how to contribute and keep the club going in top form. I’m sure everyone hopes that Jake will work out whatever reasons he has for leaving SL. I would think he would always be welcomed back should he decide to come back to SL. But the Club will continue regardless of any of that.

        As for the next “child” released Orca? I know EXACTLY whats going to happen. I don’t have to speculate on it.


      • What donwnfall? Wot fukin downfall??? Dramaqueen much, Maiti?

        What politicised? I’m a very political person, always personally was, from earliest childhood. Can’t help it. But I’m not the club and leave my politics out of sailing. Oh, talking about sailing politics? You betcha TrYC is political, as every club not only should but MUST be. We’re buying our premises on mainland or renting in the USS is a political decision, as is fighting against overbearing pretentious schmucks and wannabe elite sailors like Don Berithos and Kent Messmer.

        But I can’t remember ever having any hate posters, privately or on TrYC premises. Saying I did or allowed it is a fukin lie! And btw, politically motivated hate posters? I don’t even know what that is? I personally never allow primitive feeling such as hate to enter my political mind. I leave that for the dumbos of the world.

        Role playing sailing club? Please elaborate. The borders in between earnest sports/hobby and just roleplaying are unclear but I guess as soon as you’re trying to race your boat you can’t RP or pretend anymore.

        Our own stated rules? What rules? Please elaborate.

        I’m not a mind reader, so I have no idea what’s going on in people’s heads, same like you. Saves me from being wrong all the time, like you are. I wouldn’t wanna live inside your spiteful head, Maiti. When, for example, Rosie tells me she’s too busy with the SLCG station in Eden, I tend to believe her. And to be honest, I can understand her frustration since her races never took off. That happens if you just take over a tested and failed timeslot from Orca instead of looking for a new available slot. When Kris told me she had to take care of her grandkids and can’t even log into world anymore I believed her as well. And why shouldn’t I? You must not forget that not everybody thinks your fugly thoughts with your fugly mindset in your pretty head.

        Where did TrYC never got off the ground? When Charlz and Fi adopted/hired/kidnapped me the group didn’t even have a name and just 100 members. Once I accepted the managerial position (we don’t do commodores in Triumphal) we skyrocketed to around 480 or so. A number that never dwindled and is still somewhere in that area. I guess I looked it up 2 or 3 times … but it’s boring and doesn’t provide a useful tool to measure your success as a yacht club.

        As for TrYC I can and will say the same as you, the club will continue regardless of any of that. Me stepping down, we losing almost all officers, Trap firing my successors, Lucy as a single girl keeping TrYC alive … the club refuses to die.

        So you know exactly what Ana’s next boat’s gonna be? Yeah, I’d expect as much; knowing you two are besties I’d be disappointed if anyone else would receive the happy message before you. I won’t call it a HAPPENING but lots of hard work on Ana’s side and a hopefully spectacular launch.

        Anyway, back to my question how naiive you are, Maiti: far as I know SLIFF is a group dedicated to only one boat, the IF. I once tried that with the 44 class association. Was fun and cool and really successful until newer, better boats entered the market and the 44 went out of style. So I fear SLIFF might be the same kind of one-trick-pony and might be in for a rude awakening. It’s either that or compromising your politics and widen your scope in order to succeed.

        And that you have volunteers asking how they can contribute is pretty normal, no? I had that at TrYC all the frikkin time. But I’m infamous as the always negative, overly critical destroyer of dreams so I turned most help offers down. That in order to avoid TrYC becoming a social club, a RP club. We don’t need help, we need people to do stuff on their own, self-sufficiently. Question is not how you can help TrYC but how can TrYC help YOU establishing YOUR own events. I guess that’s why we used to be such a cool and sexy team. But as I said, just you wait until the IF falls from grace and newer, better boats becoming the next darlings of the community. What you can’t expect from then me are mean stinkyface comments about how you brought SLIFF down with your politics. Because again, me’s not you, I don’t carry the burden of having to be the always correct super commodore. I have my own demons to take care of so I check them at the door before I enter the arena that is the SL Sailing Community.


  11. Luna, You indeed have a good understanding of what happened. There are certain aspects of the whole thing that obviously you know, and that I’m purposely not discussing. All I will say is yes, it’s repulsive what happened, and yes, you are watching a microcosm of what happened right here within this blog and with some of the denizens whom frequent it.

    The fact is however, that in this case, the “oldies” you mentioned were not the problems, it was a whole new crop of what can only be described as assholes taught and groomed in the same petty BS as the last generation. Worse yet, lead by a person whom, just like the last generation, doesn’t even actively sail! There are other reasons as well. You may want to have a look at this too. http://goo.gl/yJ9DEl This also played a role in the entire picture. Again caused by a person looking to impose their will and power where is has no place to be.
    The good news is that the model used in the formation of SLIFF is rather resilient, and that although the loss is a truly sad and needless one, life will go on and others empowered have, and will, step up and take Jake’s place. It’s already happening.
    Once things are sorted, which should be shortly, look for the announcements. Life , races and SLIFF will go on , no matter how hard individuals will try and tear such efforts down.

    As for you becoming an RD, I would encourage it. However, I would also encourage that you learn thru a solid school and people, one that fits your belief in how things should be run. There has always been an interest in teaching RD skills and how to do that in the proper way as well as sailing. Keep an eye out for announcement of that instructional course in the near future as well.


  12. I love reading Miatas verbiage she is funny, sad but funny
    OK I have a crap computer Miata says it’s a fact
    SO Miata tell me what PC I have please and what connection
    Miata also states as a fact that the Come sail centres are not for the public??? that races are not for the public, that RD’ing isn’t for the public
    that helping people operate wind setters write notecards set race lines etc
    isn’t for the public.
    Noo wonder MTW sacked her !!
    she’s funny, of her proverbial trolley but funny
    Maybe her sympathy grabbing so called affliction is addling her brain??
    Noo it can’t be that she was bonkers before she cried for public sympathy


  13. Of course Miata didn’t reply, she knows she lied, and as usual, does an ostrich impression when asked to substantiate one of her 1000’s of Miata facts, that she constantly sprouts.
    Found out AGAIN Miata poor silly girl


  14. Sighs, Sammy for one more time, I’m going to say this, generally you don’t merit an answer.
    But again you doing an occasional race for your friends, setting note cards for race lines that noobs don’t even know how to start or what they are for, taking up all the mooring space in the center with boats that sometimes couldn’t be sailed out because they were so large,…. how does this teach beginners anything?. The fact is at Three Pines, which is the only place I EVER mentioned in this entire thread, you and several others took the place and made it your own and didn’t contribute one thing to bringing new people into sailing. Period. End of conversation.


  15. And actually as for public sympathy, never asked for any. In fact, you idiot, I am going out, pretty hard and painfully in RL, but saying the same things, doing the same things, and being the same person, with the same views and opinions. Hopefully to some I’ll lead by example as a person who shows some dignity and inner strength.
    The only person that requires sympathy is you, your constant crap spewing begging us into tolerating the stupidity that your god either placed within you, or the tragic accident that made you the Cretan you are.


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