Show Your Sub @ TYC


A bit late, as always, but just in time to show you some of the submarines that are on show right now at Tradewinds Yacht Club. I guess today was the last day of the show but if you wanna see them live who am I to hold you back?


But now, honestly, don’t you find submarines boring? Well, I do. They mostly do look all the same, like badly missshaped soap bars and have the sex-appeal of mindless dildos.



Yes, of course are submarines boats too. It’s already evident in the name u-boat. In so far it’s a good idea by the TYC guys to organize a boat show particularly for subs. I still don’t like them. They just can’t compare with a nice sailyacht, period!


The builders on exhibition – some of them doubtlessly very talented – are like no-names in the sailing community so I won’t pester you with their names. If you’re in the market for a new subby (really?) you should check the Market Place, I guess you’ll find thousands.


I gotta say the most interesting submarines on show are the more surreal ones. Let them German WW2 boats be super realistic, they can’t even come close to a total bullshit funmobile like my girl Carrah Rossini’s steampunk inspired blimp/sub crossbreeds.

Nice idea to include supply lines for electricity n stuff to the moored boat.


Useless but funny display model of a submarine in a warf.
Cool application for this little sub ona Canadian navy ship.
Many of the smaller fun boats are funny.
Submarine or marine habitat, that’s the question.
Jeez, wotz dat?
Miniature model of the world’s most famoustest submarine ever: Capt’n Nemo’s Nautilus
Of course Arcadia Asylum Alej made a u-boat too. For when you wanna party with the merfolk in Fanci’s Deep.


The two above are clearly inspired by Verne’s steampunk stories as well.
Fukn Japanese always striving for perfection and overdoing it. A submarine aircraft carrier???
The typical whimsiness of Carrah Rossini.
My fave Carrah airship is this blimp/submarine mix.
This old German WW2 boat has seen better times.
All in all I gotta say the show was not for me. Although there were many many boats on display, it was too militaristic and, as I said earlier, they’re basically all the same.
Ok, as far as the purpose of this protrusion goes, I refuse to think about it. OUCH!

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