Build It and They’ll Come

Pfff, but by now we all know that old wisdom is just bullshit. Building something alone won’t make it a successs story. Fortunately that’s not what I’m after. It’s also too much stress drumming up a huge marketing campaign and run a regular party and gallery “business” at the OrCafé. That’s why I stopped the operation quite long ago. It was just that now, since our group of fancy women got the little parcel in North River (or is that South River?) and I had to think of something to put there quasi as my contribution to The Collective‘s land, I decided to pull out my old self-made OrCafé building I used at the temporary LCC Outpost in Kaminari/Sansara, that I also called OrCafé, that I thought to myself: “Hell, why not reactivating the Café idea?”

Of course that’s bullshit again, I’m much too old and uninterested in SL shit by now. Still I rezzed that old build and am busy perfecting it with my poor skillset. It’s, as I said, kinda like doodling, just with prims. It relaxes and is kinda creative. Looksee here, what I did this morning:


Now with a very lightweight corrugated iron roof the whole thing looks more like a real building, at least much more than it’s old version. And that made me thinking about the various incarnations of OrCafé throughout the time it was active.




The original first OrCafé. Notice the flag? It was LCC’s predecessor club, the Mowry Bay Cruising Club. How nostalgic is that please?


A bit more advanced incarnation of OrCafé 1, with a shortlived secondary build at its side. I could never figure out what to do with it since it was too small as a gallery building, so I deleted it after a couple weeks.



New layout, new building. This was probably the best OrCafé build I ever used. Had my office and private home on the upstairs level. Won’t rez it on Collective land tho since it’s a bit primmy.
The shortlived LCC Outpost in Kaminari was a nice side project as long as it lasted. Notice the build?
Oh yes, I even had a Café group! But the managing stress was killing me. 😉


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