Just Doodling …

Not bad for my first ever build, no? And with roof over my head it becomes even like a real building thingie.

… with prims. It’s soooo fukn relaxing and kinda meditative … until long lost friends call you and you gotta engage in a chat. Don’t you hate that? 😉 LOL

No, but honest, I’m more than just doodling; this is a real building/restoration project. I took my old building from OrCafé 2, a little marina and LCC Outpost I had for a some time in Kaminari/Sansara, and am putting a roof on top. Hmmm, I kinda like it. If Sammie and the others have no objections or better ideas we’ll soon be ready to invite the hooligans of the LCC over for a Sunday aftercruise party.

\o/ YAY! \o/

Orca, the genius architect. 😉




  1. OMG why on earth would I object great idea
    best I derezz the beautiful boat ZZ gave me sadly it’s to big to put in the river


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