The Most Useless News …

… regarding Linux is this awesomely ecxciting tidbit of trivia:


Sounds rather spectacular, right? But heyy, don’t get your panties in a knot, it really isn’t. Microsoft and Canonical are working together on a number of projects … since years already, and the latest thingy is nothing like Ubuntu running on a virtual machine or something. We wouldn’t need either Windows nor Ubuntu for that. It’s not anything like dual boot neither, coz that’s too easy and already done by thousands of Linux n00bs. No, it’s in fact just some geeky project for developers … which makes the whole thing uninteresting and bland and of no use for anybody. If you wanna use Win and Linux on the same machine (why?) you better stick with dual booting or a virtual machine.

And Mark Shuttleworth and his Canonical fucks should go and stand in the corner.



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