Linux Ain’t For Gamers!

Yes, we all know about this old customer prejudice. Orca was always like Pfff, so fukn wot? about it since she’s not a gamerkiddie and uses her komputing machines for other stuff, more boring stuff, like using Linux OS for the sake of it being Linux, writing stories, blogging, photo editing, emails and so on. Everything but not gaming! And I stubbornly refuse to call Second Life a game, so there you go.

Indeed it’s not a flaw in Linux’s design since the OS in itself is very capable to run all kinds of games equally as well, if not even better, than Windows does. It’s just that most game producers ignore Linux and are too lazy to care about this niche market. Now it’s the gamer kiddies (also known as “men”) turn to say Pfff, so what? since they just wanna game and go with the system that offers them the most games: Windows.

One console …

And indeed, even with the support of Lord Gaben’s gigantic Steam library, Linux is far far faaaaaar behind M$ when it comes to the sheer number of available game titles. But what if I told you Linux has already outrun some machines that were specifically made for gaming, gaming and nothing but gaming; the dreaded consoles? What if I told you there are more games available for Linux than there are for XBox One and PlayStation 4 combined???

… and another 4?

Don’t believe me? Photos or it didn’t happen? Haha, I can even give you something better than just photos. Me gotz widdioh for yous:


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