Queen of Textures …

The sun rises for Ali’s Boat Paint Shop.

… yes, it’s still Ali Vultee. So why am I reporting about her again? Because I guess last time she didn’t have a store, just a platform on which she worked and some vendors at yacht clubs. But now she has a real Boat Paint Shop of generous proportions, located in her very own marina to show off her freshly painted boats and where you can rezz and apply your freshly acquired hulls and sails immediately.

Everybody knows how I hate cats. But I love the chequered flag design. Look at the code zero … and that hull! YUMMY!

So when Ali sent me an IM asking if I wanted to see a new design of hers I only left a dusty cloud behind and was on my wayyyy to Argybargy, where her paintshop is located. I arrived still fiddling with the latest adjustments to a freshly installed Singularity Alpha viewer.

You can even order a new paintjop for your freebie Nemo to give it some Italian style and pizzaz. Looking almost great now, dontcha think?

Ali showed me around her “showroom” which I found very neat and tidy for an artist’s studio. All her boat designs have their own vendors right beside the boats. Shopping can’t be much more convenient.

Ali has a knack for Ana’s Bandit boats because she likes the way she “maps” them. But you will find readymade designs for boats by other builders as well.

And while shopping for readymade designs is as easy as can get at Ali’s Boat Paint Shop, what she loves most is creating individual paintjobs. And I guess that’s what most sailors wanna have anyway, their own personalized boat.

Orca (left) looks in awe at Ali’s (right) painted boats.

It’s not just the shopping, the applying experience is as easy as it gets too: Just drop the delivered notecard and script in the hull and watch as your boat transforms from an ugly duckling into a wonderpretty swan. 😉

WOW, that’s uncommon! A Bandit 25 performance cruiser made from finest woods. Ain’t that mahogany?

Oh, did I mention how nice Ali is? Ok, doing it nownow: Ali Vultee is sweet and super nice. Even the “hardboiled superbitch” Maiti Yenni said so, when I told her where I was. 😉

Ciao ragazza! The stylish and super nice painter Ali Vultee herself.

And as if she heard what I thought and wanted to prove it again she asked me if I had a Q2-m. What a question, hun; I guess I was the bishy who inspired Qyv to build that boat and I was probaly the first sailor sporting her on SL waters. And I guess the good old 2m is probably the boat with the most custom designs available for. Anyway, Ali gave me a handful of her designs right away, adding to my rich collection. Particularly the one design with oak deck and white transom made me fall in love with that boat … and Ali all over again. 😉

Ooooooooh YUMMMM!!!


    • As I said truly often enough by now: »I always aim to please!« If you want me all soft and squishy I will be so … just for you. =^.^=


  1. Ali painted my first boat way back in 2012 and it is still one of my favorites. It was a whole job with sails and hull.


    • Oh, Lez, I didn’t know Ali was even in SL at that time, much less being a business woman. Why haven’t I heard about her until last year?


    • That we are, hun, that we are. At least me, I’m like fukn super sweet, hardcore sweet, deadly sweet, killer sweet, sweet on kawai level!!!


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