Husbands Are Curious Things

Take for example mine. He must have planned this with the mechanic behind my back. So when I opened Turdy’s bonnet today to check on the new and sposedly unleaky radiator …



Huh? Wut? I guess my silly hubby still fantasizes about musclecars eventhough ours is nothing but a bit oversized geriatric station wagon. Well, boys will be boys, right? But what does he expect to get out of this? Am I supposed to open the hood everytime I park the car in front of the supermarket? Must I strike a pose, hang my naked ass inside the engine bay? Like one of those bishies/models in car magazines? An old hag like me. Snort. It’s really silly.

But I gotta admit, the red paintjob does indeed look rather cool. Completely useless and very adolescent but cool. 😉



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