Good News For the Truly Creative Artists

Because Second Life is a creative outlet for many of us, because of the technical expertise of many of its residents and last but not least because of the global love most of us have for Hayao Miyazaki and his Studio Ghibli and the charming movies they produce, because of all of that I do think this newness might be of importance for some of you.

Produce anime masterpieces from the comfort of your home with OpenToonz. 😉

What I find most remarkable about Ghibli’s move is that Japanese are usually not FOSS minded, they are sticking to their closed source and walled garden softwares they get from Microsoft and Apple and associates. In so far it was a huge thing for Ghibli to code a custom version of Toonz in the first place and now to open source it is nothing short of a revolutionary act.




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