1. Stupid SL sailing web I tried to connect and log in
    every time, its reached its resources…
    I think beatrix used all the money she begged for, for wine…


  2. SEE..I just tried again….the message i got is….

    Resource Limit Is Reached

    The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

    Dumb assed froggy beatrix…Sort your web out you begged for enough money…


    • Everybody receives these messages, Sammie. AFAIK the admin and Bea are hard at work – since weeks already LOL – trying to make the forum usable again. Most of us assume there is some kinda DDOS attack behind the shit, I think Béa’s just got too much stuff integrated into the forum.
      About the message: No reason to log off and give up, a simple refresh mostly fixes it … until you want to switch to the next post or something. Then the game begins again.


  3. Gahhhh tried got in once went to forum same thing
    Well done beatrix for taking peoples money….wonder where it was spent….
    Maybe miata is filling it with spam:)))


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