Shocking Bad News

By now you’ve probably heard it yourself, either from Maiti’s blog or some or the other group discussion. I can’t add anything to the information; probably most of you are even better informed than me, since I wasn’t inworld last night and didn’t get any reactions and didn’t feel any shockwave reaching me from SL so far.

Maiti Yenni

Completely different with my personal life, my feels, my emos. How to react to a message like that? When a person you once liked very much but were betrayed by, when a person who seems to be on a private warpath against you for reasons unknown, when that person reveals that she’s suffering a life-threatening illness? Ya, how are you gonna react now, Orca? You fukn clever know-it-all, what you gonna do now?

To be honest, I have not the faintest idea. I’m sociallly awkward, don’t like people in general, and never find the”right” words. I have no clue of how to comfort people in those situations. To be even more honest, Maiti was/is a very controversial person in our commmunity. Ever since she sat foot in any water sim she’s in the center of “affairs”, she’s stirring the shit so to speak. And there’s hardly any SL sailor who didn’t wanna kill her at one or the other occasion.

But not like this! Definately not like this. If I wanted to see her go down it was in an argument, was by seeing all her lies exposed and her aggression made out as unfounded as it appeared to most of us anyway. Not like this!

Anyway, back to the task at hand, since I know Maiti is secretly browsing my blog and having  an eye on my behaviour, what to say to her? I guess more than the usual plattitudes I can’t add to her comfort.

Okay … Maiti, as far as I understood from your article, you are obviously in good hands, properly diagnosed and medicated. The question of your life expectancy is, as you said yourself, unclear but at least a couple of years. So let’s not break unlaid eggs here, now is not the right time for an omelette. I wish you, despite our fugly discrepancies, all the best and a thorough and complete heal. I know your way ahead isn’t an easy one and it will take all your strength and courage to get through this ordeal. Now is not the right time to engage in petty ego-duels with some silly SL cartoon figures, so fuck Béa, fuck Sammie, fuck Lucy and first of all FUCK ORCA too! We’re not worth it, we’re not worth the trouble. This is about the most important thing in your real life, it’s about your REAL life!!!

If I know anything about you it’s how hardheaded and steadfast you are, what a fierce fighter you can be. Now don’t waste your energy on us, use it to fight off your real enemy! I wish you all the best and all the success possible.


  1. If its true its tragic…
    I was lucky to fight and recover100% from Ovarian cancer…hit me when i was 25…
    Hit my Mom worse..
    Good luck…


  2. Im NOT a callous cow, Im wary of people that go public with things like that…
    so i do tend to take it with a pinch of salt…


    • “I was lucky to fight and recover100% from Ovarian cancer”

      going for the sympathy vote sammie? or do we need to take you with a pinch of salt?


      • Indeed did Sammie react way out of line here, Ana. It’s one thing to think something fugly, actually making it public just shows a lack of filters on almost Orca level. Sammie, this is serious, as a survivor you should know it best. So if even the brute Orca can show some civility why the fuck can’t you?


  3. Smiles at Ana….certainly not, I don’t need sympathy it done and in the past..
    I can’t help being cynical about this kind of mass public announcement…BUT as i said, if its true Its tragic. Thats civil, and actually heartfelt.


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