Asphyxiation Point

Inspired by Inara Pey’s article yesterday I ventured to Asphyxiation Point to see how this kinda carefree urban roleplay looks to a tourist like me. Not that I wanna try it out for myself but just because I love urban sims and cityscapes in SL. Asphyxiation Point has a kinda special “history” you can read about in Inara’s article and on their own website. It’s actually just a small rock in the ocean … with a city on it! And many roads that lead to nowhere. 😮 Huh, makes total sense, yes. But let’s not be nitpicking here and dive right into it …


One of the typical street corners in Lower Town, my personal favourite area of AP.

Despite AP being only one sim you don’t feel cramped here. Lo and behold, I even found an empty parking lot. 😉
Like every reputable town AP got its very own creatively named Red Light District. Rumours say it’s indeed the heart and soul … and the biggest profitmaker in town.
This poor people’s street in Lower Town reminds me on Cape Town. Endless rows of small cottages have their own robust shabby charme. It’s still one decisive step above The Getto.
The lighthouse in Upper Town hints on AP’s tragic maritime history.
Typical for Upper Town are the expensive houses. What I liked here particularly is that it’s not full with over the top McMansions but still a believable upper middle class housing area.
As I mentioned earlier there is still more than enough space to hang out and RP. Because that is what AP is all about: Free Form Roleplaying with gangsters and criminals and whores and prostitutes and sex shops and fine restaurants and storekeepers and police and all the usual riff-raff and suspects.

Unfortunately at the time of my visit there were hardly any people on that rock, and they may have been tourists just like me. The rules in AP are very relaxed so as a tourist you’re not forced to wear a Visitor tag but you can blend right in as long as you don’t disturb the RP. But more about that on AP’s website.  I hear they are still looking for new players and business people. So if you’re into RP and like to play  a douchebag, conducting a shady business, why dontcha have a looksie?


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