Hey Big Pirate Spender!

Take that, moneygrabbing industry mobsters!

Looking at myself and my spending habits, yes, I can confirm that. Particulary when I was younger, say in my 20s, I always pissed off a not too small part of my monthly budget for vinyl records, and later CDs, then video tapes, followed by blank CDs and DVDs. But also on concert and theater tickets.

Now as an old and settled woman, living without a TV and far off any usable satellite stations, please excuse my little illegal viewing habit. It’s not like I could watch all those nice American TV shows anyway, not even if I wanted to pay for them. And anyway, cool new movies hubby and me tend to watch in the theater anyway. If the sound wasn’t always so fukn ear-piercing loud we’d even enjoy the experience. Anyway, watchered the last Star Wars flick … twice! So I’m really paying my due.


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