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Remember Humans are @$$holes? Well, here is the full video version of Atlas, next gen, going thru its, his, her paces. No, it’s still not so far to enter the uncanny valley region but some of its reactions when pushed or walking on uneven terrain are almost human-like. This is kinda spooky:



  1. Once again, this is not something to be applauded or even something to be happy about watching. This company was well known where I used to live, and is completely used and funded by DARPA, the friendly folks who pride themselves on being on the cutting edge of killing technology.
    Besides robotics such as this,( and there is a lot of it) Darpa is also known for funding research for new cluster bombs and cutting into brains of various life forms to wire in control for drones and planes so that humans don’t have to do the dirty work of carpet bombing whole areas or being able to fly thru to complete missions under conditions humans would likely die and fail to complete. Test subjects have included everything from bacteria to chimpanzees, a species which shares 99.6% of our DNA. I wouldn’t doubt they have tried it on terminally ill humans.
    Remember folks, the films they are releasing are several years old, what they have now, is likely far faster and more dangerous, how would you feel about your country or tax dollars when one of these things are chasing civilians down the streets in Kabul, killing everyone they find due to a “Slight enemy recognition bug we are working on.”?

    War is evil. It’s something that moral people have to try and avoid at all costs, but sometimes it is thrust upon them. Its likely going to be the true reason for the end of the human race, something else will rise up after the killer apes finish their reign of destruction on this planet. But really, this is just another faucet of the appalling. It’s being shown to you now so that later when they are gunning people down in the streets, its more easily accepted.
    If you are going to go out and kill other people, take the lives of others, even when it comes down to you or them, then do it, be part of it, feel the horror of what it is like to take another life, not build up a bunch of machines to launch on a population and sit back and watch some digital counter scroll the death toll up while you get another coffee and bitch about the cost per kill ratio.


    • Maiti, once again it’s very surprising to hear these arguments coming from you. But you can rest assured you’re preaching to the choir here. Absolute zero chance I’ll ever take a gun in my hands or support any military organisation or military action … EVER!

      And anyway, my “shithole” new home – which used to be quite clever with military technically inventions once upon a time – is fortunately much too broke and much too democratic nowadays to hassle with such clever robots. Not while we suffer, dunno, 80% unemployment and real soldiers are much cheaper to get. =^.^=


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