Orca Was Wrong!!! :o


Whaaaaaaat? Impossible! And still it seems there did a slight error of judgment creep up in Orca’s usually first class journalism stuff. 😦 When I wrote about RebeccaBlackOS, off course I filed it away in the same drawer as other bullshit distros like Hannah Montana Linux and Justin Bieber Linux. And honestly, why shouldn’t I? If at all possible Rebecca Black compares to the other two name-giving popculture figures like a 3 y/o paint  by numbers artist compared to Rembrandt and Van Gogh. So any Linux distro bearing her infamous name must be a joke!

But … wow, this is hard, I have to make amends. Not to the zero talent Rebecca Black but to the people behind her namesake Linux distro.




Against all odds RBOS is a very earnest and honest super geeky Linux distro for testing developmental desktop sessions … whatever that means. Anyway, kudos and sorry to RebeccaBlackOS. But now, please, I beg you, pleeeez, don’t run and download RBOS and try to install it on your computer! It won’t do you any good. I guess this distro isn’t even meant to serve like any other operating system but was made for a specific purpose. Wayland Protoype testing.

You cannot use this beta release as a replacement for a well-stocked Linux workhorse for all of your computing tasks. Some of the desktop modules work well, however. The release is more of a proof of concept by developers working with the new Wayland display server software that may eventually replace the aging X Window System you know as “X.Org.”

As good and noble as that cause is, we are little cute Second Life avies, loud, brash and stupid, we have no business with Wayland, we don’t even know what the fuck it is*. So we will – maybe – adopt it once it’s been made available  for us. Until then we stick with our run-of-the-mill housewifey Linux Lite, Mint and Manjaro systems. So, basta!



* Orca might have a little clue about Wayland, she has heard much too often about that thing lately not to know about it. It’s all the hotness in the Linux community and much farther evolved already than it’s internal competitor MIR from Canonical. It’s a Window Manager. Tadaaah! Now don’t ask me what that is exactly; we will cross that bridge when  the time is right.

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