It seems the little camera company GoPro is going down rapidly. The reasons are probably plenty.



I’m watching GoPro since quite a while and I’d have 2 or 3 more reasons to offer for GoPro‘s dwindling marketshare and sales figures:

gopro_logoYou know other parents have beautiful daughters too, some of them even much more beautifullerer than GoPro. Also other manufacturers can produce the same and better quality and style for cheaper prices. And last, not least, other companies did indeed come up with better shaped cameras that won’t look so clunky and clumsy when mounted on your motorcycle or climbing helmet or chest harness or car body. And all that for a third or even quarter of the price of a GoPro.

Look at Techmoan‘s YT channel and watch his many many camera reviews and you can see for yourself that the world didn’t stop in awe after GoPro came out with their first camera.


Not really a GoPro alternative but films in 1080p and is like super cheap and stealthy! The infamous key fob camera from China.


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