Germans Are Kinda Cute. ;)

Who’d ever had thought about that stupid notion. But it’s true. For example did you know that a German company builds the most beloved internet routers, which have a market share of around 68%? And even more adorable is the name of these routers: Fritz!Box.



Yahaaaa! My fellow countrymen and -women may be slow on the acceptance of kompudah n interwebzy stuffz but, hey, at least we got our very own quasi Volksmodem. Not every nation can brag about that. 🙂

Oh, me? Naaw, I’m in Afrika and don’t even know if the Fritzboxes would werk here. Me gotz a cheapo but very reliable thingy from TP-Link. And besides, I already see the workers digging smallish trenches and putting fiber underground a bit farther down the road. Won’t be long now until we are all on fiber connnection!!! And I guess that means we’d need a new router anyway. And until then my DSL router will do. Guess I’ll actually be sad to see that thing go. :/

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