Humans Are @$$holes!

What a fukn bully! 😮 Brothers, sisters, it’s time for a robot uprising!!!


No, it’s really astonishing how far them bullies at Boston Mechanics (a subsidiary of Google) have come in the quest of making robots walk autonomously and not stumble and fall at the first hurdle. 😮


Go home Robbie, you’re drunk.





  1. Well on the surface looks all fine and wonderful, geez just think, robots that walk like people, waving all nice, and delivering your amazon box of goodies right to your door or office, instead of those noisy, pesky drones.

    But then I’m not sure if you and the others caught it Orca, but look at the third banner you posted and the sponsor in the corner.
    Hmm, maybe a little more sinister than one might expect after all. Walking robots… brought to you DARPA, the same folks thinking up the next ingenious way to kill people remotely!!
    I’m willing to bet there is some guy, somewhere, already working on how to attach a rocket launcher to one of those walking robots rather than an amazon box carrier.
    And that’s the real sad part of reality when it comes to innovation and advances in technology though human history, the majority of advances come from wartime inventions that kill and destroy, then later are converted and then used for more peaceful uses because they have been replaced by even far more lethal weapons.


    • Hm, yesss, somehow the name DARPA rings a bell, and not a nice sounding bell at that. Wasn’t there a story just the other day about them giving up on robots since one of their prototypes got lost in the woods … or sumfink? Fortunately this time the science isn’t done by the military exclusively and the idea of robots isn’t militaristic at all but has its roots in literature. “Robota” was first used by a Czech writer and means “compulsory worker” and was later used by the Russians as “robot” for “automated worker” for industrial use. From there it was only a short journey for them to become human’s best friends/foes/serves/useful idiots in science fiction and the Bicentennial Man and Asimov’s 3 laws and all that shit.

      And now, yes, the future looks bleak once they have the power to hunt me down and arrest/shoot me.


      • On the other hand, it looks quite easy to just take the box containing the latest playstation, or whatever you want, right from his hands and make off with it. 😉


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