Against All Odds: He Still Lives



John Joseph Lydon, a.k.a. Johnny Rotten, turns 60 today. He not only survived a heavy meningitis, a coma and amnesia in his early childhood, followed by bad eyesight and his typical possessed stare, a kick-out from school, the punk years and more drugs than anyone else; no he still did it in kinda good health and his legendary foul mood. It’s nothing short of a medical wonder Johnny’s still alive and well.



Johnny Rotten performs with the Sex Pistols during the Exit music festival in Novi Sad
Johnny Rotten performs with the Sex Pistols during the Exit music festival in Novi Sad, northerm Serbia, July 14, 2008. REUTERS/Marko Djurica (SERBIA) – RTX7WQ2




I just recently rediscoverd John Lydon, not the stupid Sex Pistols but his later multilayered musical work with P.I.L. As a teenager I never liked his second band and found it and Johnny too artsy fartsy and pretentious. Lately his music is growing on me tho. What I always liked about Lydon is his uncompromising political stance, his stubbornness and his fuck-all attitude.


Sex Pistols in Paradiso, 1977

Good old times 😉 The Pistols were kinda the first band I listened to consciously. I loved them, couldn’t understand a single word of the lyrics but I liked how dangerous they sounded and looked. Fuck ABBA and all those other teenie bopper shit, I knew I’d found my musical home. Punk became my first love and kinda still is today.

Here is the young and stupid and angry Sex Pistols:


Anyhoo, congratz on your 60s burfday, John, may you have many many more, stay angry and don’t let anyone tell you you’re too old to punk!


And here’s an older and wiser John Lydon with his second band Public Image Ltd.:


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