Here’s Your Chance …

… to grab a brandfukn new Ubuntu Linux powered laptop, by reputable manufacturer Dell for the kinda valueable price of €279,-:


This way to Dell’s offer

Of course the Inspiron line aren’t Dell’s bestest and most high class laptops and the 279 €uro pricetag is a “from” starting price but the biggest caveat is this: I wasn’t able to locate the same offer on Dell’s US site. 😮 Maybe in Microsoft’s own country they’ve given up on the idea of FOSS and GNU/Linux altogether. Maybe Americans actually enjoy the chains and restrictions of their cruel mistress Microsoft. Who knows?

But if you happen to dwell in Germanland or any of the other freedom loving EU countries why not jump on that offer? It might be the perfect handshake drug to get addicted to the wonderful world of Linux, on brandnew dedicated hardware, without breaking the bank and without the need of going thru the hassle of downloading and installing Linux on your own old hardware. This might actually be perfect for curious but hesitating Luna. 😉




YAY!, not all is lost for anglophiles as  carries the same laptop with a QWERTY keyboard layout. £199 is sensationally cheap for English circumstances I guess.




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