Hoy Bishes, Guess Who’s Back!

Got everything sorted and am ready for action! Whoohoo. Weird, eh, computer repair lady had my machine for over a month and couldn’t do nothing, I got it back since yesterday and am all sorted. Did it all by myself, without outside help or foreign influence. Just took the graphics card out of the machine, installed my fave Linux distro, reinstalled the graphics card and … all is A -Ok! \o/ YAY! \o/




It’s still snowy in Triumphal so I’m wearing my thermo ‘kini. Don’t wanna catch a cold while I’m slowly getting ready for club business again. Now I’m thinking about what to do next. Thinking in terms of another n00b racing series, only a bit more serious than last time. Boat shall be the Shields and it will be a real championship, with an overall winner at the end of the season. Or so or somethin’

We shall see …



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