For Béa’s server costs, which are ultimatively OUR server costs! Well, as long as you’re making use of any SL Sailing webservices like forum, calendar, blogs and all stuff SL Sailing related.



And since Béa is so nice and service oriented you can even pay totally easy and unbeaurocratic in world, using Linden$$$. Great, eh? As you can see the slsailing. co coffers are already almost half filled, come on, we can manage to come up with the small remaining rest as well. So, do as Orca did, send all your Lindos to Béa Woodget … and enjoy another year of our wonderful one and only official SL sailing forum! Let them defractors laugh and build their own tiny evil empire, they will never be able to claim that they are frequenting a domain of historical value and a forum Orca was once banned from. 🙂

Still gotta ask Béa to at least think about getting away from Westhost or whoever is managing our domain now. I guess living on a European server might be favourable in the long run. Oh, and please, Béa, please, put some grease in the forum gears, it’s very squeaky as of lately. The forum was never anywhere near fast responding but during the last couple weeks we get these FAIL warnings much too often. It’s no fun anymore!

Screenshot at 2016-01-29 14:17:57
Ya, here, exactly like so! Bummer.



  1. I hate beggars that use given money totally for her own ends and agenda
    But isn’t that what all dictators do?? Use others for their own ends??
    Go beatrix, beg away,, but nada from me…


    • Sammie, we all know that you have a beef with Béa but is that a reason to write such illogical comments? Béa asks for contributions towards the domain and server, on which the forum as well as other SL Sailing related services are being hosted. I would call that “her own ends and agenda” only in so far as she has a vested interest in seeing a stable internet presence of the SL Sailing Community. Not the MTW, Maiti, Ana community, not the estate community but the one run by and for real people.


  2. I want to donate on principle, but the thing doesn’t work consistently. So perhaps Béa could offer assurances she’s finding a new web host. That certainly would trigger my generosity gene. 😀

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