Hello America

Hey, I’m hearing quite alarming newness about how Flint/Michigan ‘s upper crust are treating the general population of this already poor and suffering town. Now I hear you had the first victim of polluted water already died. They call it a “water crisis”. And in parts that’s true although it misses the basic point.

Can I say something, please? Can I ask a question? And I don’t wanna sound smug or like a smart aleck. Cause mainly I’m sad about the state of freshwater supply in Flint and the suffering people … and let’s not forget, the accessibility of fresh water is (or at least should be) a basic human right in a developed country with a developed nation. So how can it be that we have to watch videos like this?

That footage reminded me on reports from the  3rd world, some dried out, fucked up, failed desert state in the Sahara, not fukn America #1! Geeze, people! What have you done? I guess the War Nerd‘s comment is most accurate if we wanna find out the the reason and the true source of the water crisis:

The only way contemporary America makes sense is that the people who vote and rule decided some time ago that they’re a distinct group, and that the bulk of the population belongs to an alien, hated group. It just can’t be processed any other way.

Can I tell you something? Some of you might know that I’m posting from Cape Town/South Africa, an emerging nation, in large parts even downright 3rd world-ish. One leading figure of a part of the SL Sailing Community even called my new home a hellhole once. Our towns and cities, our provinces are not very well funded and have no money to waste. And we’re even facing a water crisis of our own now: Due to global climate change the rainy season ain’t as rainy as it used to be, the dams are not properly filled and we’re restricted to sprinkle our gardens only twice a week for 30 minutes during summer time. Nevertheless at no point in time ever did we have to worry about the quality of our water supply. The municipalities all over the country installed sewage treatment plants and they are controlling the quality of their product. From the most poshest suburbs to the most effed up informal settlements, from the whitest whities to the darkest darkies, from the multi-billionaire to the poorest shack-dweller we all receive the same good quality tapwater. Particularly the townships, and even informal settlements, often get their water free of charge. Since hubby and me moved here in 2002 each of us consumes like 2 – 3 liters of tap water each and every day. It always tastes and is good. And we don’t see any strange effects on our health.

Why and how are the SAfricans achieving this? Because they are not like totally stupid. Simple as that. They don’t save money by tapping into a polluted river, they know exactly they’d have to drink the same poisoned water like the rest of us. And they are aware that SAfrica is a democracy now, they are controlled by the opposition and the taxpayers and that they can be voted out off their job at any time. So they better keep their house clean and don’t hide too many corpses in the basement. No idea why such basic democratic stuff doesn’t work in the USA anymore.

Ok, back to my first paragraph: I wouldn’t call the polluted water in Flint/Mich. a water crisis but let’s call it what it really is: A government crisis.


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