Didn’t I Mention Elementary Ain’t Right For Me?

Oh yes, I did. While it’s applaudable to dumb down the supposedly geeky Linux for the dumb masses of computer dummies of today the Ele devs obviously overdid it now completely.


Dumb and dumberer


In the article Jack Germain correborates my resentments regarding Elementary OS and its childish approach to computing. Read here. I couldn’t have said it better so I just let Jack say it for me:





Ya, that’s right, Jack! Give it to them straight! Mhm, simplicity getting in the way of your workflow, no multitasking. And that for the modern generation of all-over-the-place ADHD multitaskers. Perfect recipe for disaster! As if those youngsters aren’t limited enough as it is. :/

Listen here, dummies, if you’re mentally not capable of using a computer like a real human being there are always those clever Apple iProducts waiting for you … or all those Android tablets and smartphones and phablets, all those ridiculously overpriced and underpowered toys. And lately there is even Remix OS that turns Android into a real open source desktop operating system. Brrrrrr. 😦

Yeah, it’s really brrrr-inducing and makes the hairs in my neck stand up but it’s okay since those devices and softwarez apps don’t hold back with their real meaning. But when I see something like Elementary Freya getting dumber and uselesserer from version to version but disguising itself as a real Linux OS for the desktop it makes me wanna smash something. Preferably the snouts of its developers … de-developers … or arrgs! 😮


Makes your desktop look like an Android phone


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