It’s Time for Linux!!!

The naked Manjaro Deepin. Not a active desktop but at least it features a dock thingie


Just noticed I already made 10 (in words: fukn Ten!) blogposts without even coming close or touching one of the topics close to my heart, the GNU/Linux computer operating system. Oooops! 😮 This won’t stand! Particularly since I just (just as in a week ago) installed the fancy, modern Deepin on my cuteass netbook. But heyyy … yes, I know I already posted about Deepin and that I came out of that experience trembling and crying and … didn’t like it. So shut up, will ya?


The Deepin file manager. It shows files.


Buuut, now I’ve stumbled over Manjaro Deepin. Whoa! What a sick mix! My fave semi-geeky base install with the rather primitive and restrictive – but o so pretty and polished – Deepin desktop environment as the cherry on top. So I gave it another chance, hoping it would blow my socks off.

But … nooo. Apart from it’s being summer and we don’t wear socks it’s the same shit as the Ubuntu-based Deepin. I know quite well many people will love it because it’s sleek and elegant and good looking and modern and gives the appearance of a smartphone or an iPad or something like that. Ya, whoopdidoo, go on, dear reader, install Deepin on your machinery and become happy with it. The little preinstalled library of softwares is all functional and should you miss something … hey, it’s Linux so you can install it with one or two mousyclickys.


System control on the right


Honestly, I can find no reason – apart from whiny personal taste stuff – not to recommend Deepin. I just love to tinker with my desktop and tune it up to my personal taste, or at least have the option to do it. If I thought I’d get that option back by using the Manjaro codebase I was obviously wrong. It’s more or less (as far as I’ve seen) the same amount of stubborn against Orca’s fiddling and playing and hacking attempts. Quite the contrary, on my little sweet netbook Manjaro Deepin is ultra sloooow. Using it is like walking thru a lake of ultra sticky melasse. That’s why I’m so aggro right now and pretty angry at Deepin. Grrrr grrrrr … GRRRRRR!!!

But please, don’t let me hold ya back, don’t listen to oldfashioned Orca, install the universally appraised Deepin and become happy with it. This is what Linux is nowadays, it’s more than a glimpse of the future, it is the fukn future!



So last night I asked hubby to have a peek at Manjaro Deepin but he’s a KDE freak and as such kinda useless as distro tester and unwilling to give other desktop environments a fair chance. He deeply despises my fave MATE desktop, that pig. (I know myself how outdated and old it looks but at least it gives me all the options I need to make it fit my personal  workflow and disappears from my attention.) So all he muttered in his beard was something about pretty, followed by some grunting noises. Then he pushed the awesome netbook aside and focussed on our real computer. :/



Read all about it and find the download link in the Manjaro Gazette’s article

Ya, dear readers of this bloggsy, you find me in a kinda pickle right now. As a neutral good journalist I’m supposed to tell you how great n stuff Deepin is. Because, honestly, there is nothing wrong wth it. I’d even say it is exactly what many other desktops are trying to accomplish but failing. It’s ultra modern, looks the business, hip, kinda Mac-ish, it’s really good and I predict a great future for Deepin. Fortunately I’m not a good neutral journo but just a silly little bloggerista, an aquired taste, hated by most and often super derpy. So I just have to care about my own taste and my own experiences. And exactly in these two regards Deepin Linux falls flat on its face. I don’t like it a bit. On my netbook it runs ultra slow and I need eternities to find all the stuffz I need. It does exactly what a OS, what  a desktop should never do: It demands attention, it doesn’t act like I’m used to. So no chance you’ll see me on anything like Deepin in the next couple years. If you’re looking for me, I’m in my own little corner of the interwebz, sulking. 😦


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