This is Mucho Importante!

At least for me it is. And maybe for my blog as well. Not easy for me to start this post and not easy to figure out what to say/write now about it. So why not just getting right into it, eh?

Ok, fraggles, as you might have noticed my interest in SL is waning while I still find all things Linux and FOSS fascinating. Ok the first thing can be helped as I just decided to log into SL much more now and even start a new race series for TrYC. More about that later. The second thing, my Linux fetish, is more complicated and gives me a lot of headache.


Orca’s recommendation for new n00bies: Linux Lite.

See, I have no clue about how my Linux articles are perceived among my readership. Are you guys just barely tolerating them, are you bored, are you clicking them away immediately, do you get infuriated by that shit? Am I too preachy, too obnoxious, too much girl on a mission?

I’m sometimes treating you a bit like a classroom, I know. I really wanna go with you through all the hassle and the learning curve and find solutions for problems … oh hey, in case you decided to download and install a Linux distro of course. Else it won’t make much sense, wouldn’t it? See, peepels, it could be great, we could really do something, start something new here, build up a solid foundation of Linux users in the SL sailing community. I’m even imagining kinda inworld meetings, live discussions and panels. But for that to work I must know I’m not sending out messages into the vacuum, not shouting into the void.


The best Linux distro on the planet?

To make it short: I need feedback! Let’s start with that shit right here and now, oké? So please, all readers (incl. the non-Linux types) fill in this questionaire for me. Mucho obrigado, merci beaucoup, danke, dankie, thank you. Much obliged.

  1. After reading Orcablog, have you decided or felt inspired to try out Linux?
  2. Are you at least reading articles about Linux or ignore that shit?
  3. Did you find Orca’s hopeless stammering helpful?
  4. Did you indeed go with a distro as recommended by Orca?
  5. How was your experience?
  6. Shall I go on preaching Linux in the new year?
  7. Would you be interested in in-world meetings and workshops?
  8. Where exactly are you on your journey into Linux? You still on Linux Lite, Mint, Ubuntu or are you rocking the big stuff like SUSE, Fedora or an Arch already?


Oh yes, and while we’re talking here so laid back about Linux shit … looksee here:




See, that’s one of the reasons why I love Linux so much. From time to time, depending on how I tuned my system, I’m getting system updates. This latest one with almost 72 MB of crunchy fresh data looks like the final year’s end update and will prolly catapult my system into the next millenium. And it will not only update my bare system but all my installed softwares as well. What it won’t do, however, is forcing my computer to install the update – like one certain other OS does – but I can do it whenever I fancy, I can uncheck certain things or completely ignore the update. But hey, this is for Manjaro, a distro I trust totally, so I just do it. System is still running. 😉


    • You are nice for a change, Træppsy, how come? BTW, mighty Maiti is quiet lately so I can’t reallly complain about my audience anymore. 😉


    • Why wait, Luna? Make it your new year’s resolution and start tomorrow, 1st Jan. 16!
      Install takes, dunno, not even half an hour, including download of the ISO file, finetuning another 10 minutes, and then you can start becoming productive right away. Libre Office is 99.9% compatible with MS Office and as a professional writer you won’t use .doc format anyway, do you?

      I always use the .rtf format, it’s universally usable on all OSes and every publishing house worth their salt will happily accept it. Only amateurs insist on Microsoft’s wannabe standard format.


  1. I use Open Office, will check out Libre Office, but there are scads of writer’s word-processing programs. I don’t really like any Office-type thingy, too many intrusive bells & whistles & squiggly lines that repress poetic license. But maybe I can run Writer ( with Linux?

    And okay, I resolve. Sigh. 🙂

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    • Luna, Libre Office is the official replacement for Open Office since some years already. OO was bought by some software company which sells it for money now. It’s not better than Libre in any way. But Libre is not the only software to provide a writer module or a text program tho. There are plenty like Abiword and others. I’m gonna look for a specialised software for inspired prose composers as well. Will let you know what I find.

      ….. aaaand I’m back. Whoa, girl, that Writer thingie looks like some online writing tool. If so it doesn’t matter what OS you’re using it with. I was too lazy now to sign up and didn’t find out exactly. You know I’m not a fan of working online and leaving my shit in the cloud. But at least I was able to get to their Welcome page. Can’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be able to use it with Linux should I intend to do so.


  2. I won’t use the Cloud for any writing, I just looked for basic wordprocessing and Writer popped up and looked kinda fun, free and stripped-down. Thanks for the warning. I will check out the alternatives in your other post. Happy New Year!


    • Yes yes, simple is good since our fragile poets minds must not be distracted by prosaic techy shit. 😉 But tell me, it loks like an online tool, is that true?


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