Hubby complained the other day about we hardly have any geckos no more and the world’s gonna end soon and damn all those big industry things and pollution n stuff and … hey, I said to him, while he was principally totally correct we dont’t have any reason to worry about our little house- and garden friends. Maybe he has forgotten about the stupid baby gecko falling directly into my lap the other day. Well, I didn’t forget that! It was a most confusing eeeks, eeps eeeeps!!! moment for both of us, sticky miniature crocodile and Orca alike. Apart from that it’s true; we don’t see much of them geckos around inside or outside the house, but to be honest we never did.




They are kinda shy and try not to be too intruding into their host’s lifestyle while they are stealthily going on about their jobs which are: keeping the house nice and clean and free of annyoing insects. Oh, speaking of clean, and another proof for lots of gecko activity around our home, look at this here:


Looks like a good time was had by everybody. I wonder how they can produce so much shit. One dropping per kill or what?

We do know they are most active at nights, so hubby mustn’t wonder if he doesn’t see them in broad daylight. But at night there seem to be a lotta geckos in and around the house. Fortunately they mostly do their dropping business outside. And when we have a BBQ we even see them doing other stuff than just being glued to a wall.



For example at the front door where we have a light fixture which is a party place for daring mosquitos.



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